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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Would You Like To Have Some of These?

Hi Peeps....
Just wanna ask some questions;

My first question is, "Have you guys ever watch the First Season of Survivor in Pulau Tiga?" If YES...

Second Question is, " Do you remember one of the task where the contestants are told to eat the Butod (Rumbia Tree Maggots)? If YES...

My Final question is, " Have you ever Eat It?"

My answers for the first two questions will be YES, but a big NO and NEVER to the last one. Or NOT YET perhaps!!!

Being a Kadazan, my late grandma a.k.a nina (besides My uncle David) is one of the  true fan of Sabahan Exotic delicacies. I still remember our first & sadly last travel together to Bangkok, Thailand somewhere on November 2004. Of all the things nina bought in Bangkok, this is the funniest 'thing' she ever bought and 'Tapau' (take away) to bring back home. She actually 'tapau' the 'butod' all the way from Bangkok! Oh yup, that's how loyal my late grandma towards these exotic foods.

Do I eat it? What do you guys think?

The Butod: some says it taste like prawn... 
The Bambangan. One of my favourite pickles.

The 'Hindung' or the Eel...

Bon Appetit...

Emelda Shabelle

1 comment:

  1. butod? not yet...or never...BAMBANGAN...FOrEVER n EVER...mentah..masak...semua telan...;D