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Monday, October 17, 2011

PhonePhotography [Part: Steamboat]

I brought my DSLR to snap some pictures during our steamboat session with friends. Just when I'm about to adjust the manual setting, I noticed that I'm actually had forgotten to insert the SD Memory Card (again)!!! My excitement dropped tremendously. I had planned to do some food review and imagining the 'yummilicious' "looking" food I'm about to snap using my so-called Big Camera.


So this time, I have to 'open' new label under 'PHONEphotography'. The pictures are all taken using my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S2.

The outcome are understandable and acceptable!

The 'ARTS' of steam boating!!! Just add everything in!!!

Let's eat till' we drop!!!

Oh, I think it's over-cooked!!!

Pose after steamboat!!!

'Siput apa ni'?

Sedap juga bah pula ni lepas cicah kicap + cili padi + bawang putih!!!

Some info:
Venue   : 1 Malaysia Steamboat, Sandakan.
Open     : Daily (6pm-10:30pm)
Price     : RM25 pax.
Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Why? The food finished quite early and took some time for them to refilled it. The best part is, they served quite variety of food (ABC, soft drink, fruits, pudding, ice cream and more).

P/S: But I love Ocean Steamboat at Bandar Ramai-Ramai more! And Windbell Tg Aru!!!...

Emelda Shabelle.