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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hobby? Passion? Collection? Obsess? Hoarders? It's a Therapy......

Hi there...
Just wanna share with you guys on some of my obsession, I mean hobbies! 
It all started with a hobby, then I started collecting stuffs, obsessed with certain things like makeups, dresses & heels. Hoarder? No, I don't think that I am a hoarder (even though most of the stuff I bought never been touch yet!). 
This is one of the stuff that I can't stop myself from buying...

I'm not sure how many heels I have. I'd lost count for I've been wearing heels since I was in high school. It started from 1 inch and the highest I can stand is 3" and a half. I still gonna wear 5 inch if I don't have to walk around!

For me, as long as the heels caught my attention, it doesn't matter what brand it is. I have some China made and a few good brand. I'm not looking for a 'brand' in shoes because 'comfortable' is more important to me (and 'cute' too). Just my 2 cent!!!  

I bought these via online and till today, it NEVER BEEN USE!

Love this but don't know where to wear? NEVER BEEN USE!!!

I love this one too but I NEVER USE it YET till today!

Why I bought this? I don't even have any idea!

Bought this in Berjaya Time Square (BTS). Worn a couple of time to work.

I bought this also in BTS...

The first and the last time I wore this is in school.

Wore this too, but only once!

This is one of my formal shoe during practical in Penang.
Bought this in Sandakan.

Wear this occasionally...
I never use this YET!!!

P/S: This is the only shoes I've got with me in Sandakan, the rest I left it at Penampang. Will take a picture when I'm back to hometown!!!

Emelda Shabelle

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  1. wow :O keluar biji mata sa bie tgk ni kasut..mmg perempuan dgn kasut tdk boleh dipisahkan kn...wear it on ur BIG day la nti.. ;)