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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Projek Tengah Malam: Iziau Koupusanku.....

Yesterday, I wrote an entry about my late midnight project with hubby. We did it for 3-5 rounds and we did it while my DSLR recorded the 'Project'. 

It's really tiring and we have to continue with our project to the next day (kesian my hubby sampai cancel OT but he excited to do the project).

So, what actually we're doing at late midnight???




Presenting you guys our 'Late Midnight Project'

Doiiiii, mesti ada yang otak kuning ni mula mula kan....

So, this is what we did. The song is actually one of my favourite Kadazan number. Iziau Koupusanku or literally means "You Are My Darling" (or heart, love...) is composed by Juanis Lojungin and sang by Elisibius Lojungin. The song's original tempo is a bit faster than my rendition (you can get the link here Iziau Koupusanku), but the rest are still the same.

Credit to my koupusan and I'm sorry for being too fussy. I've been asking him to do a lot of changes on the clips!!! Susah bah kalau gumuk ni, not video friendly, have to cover sana sini but still couldn't hide it...

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it.....

P/S: Aldrian W.Kinajil, Iziau noh koupusanku!!!

Emelda Shabelle

Friday, October 28, 2011

Projek Tengah Malam!!!

Last night, hubby and I did something that we always do not only during night time, but any time when we feel like we wanted to do it. However, last night is the first time we did it late midnight and we did it for 3 round (or maybe 5) with our 60D on the makeup table to record it!!!

Hubby getting tired and I can see that he is half dreaming already. He needs to wake up early tomorrow for his 'One whole day shift', but me, I'm still full of energy and getting excited. After all, I am not satisfied with it yet..

"We continue tomorrow and you just get yourself ready ok", this is what hubby said to me before the both of us off to the dreamland....

I woke up this morning with the sound of last night project echoing from our PC. I looked at him and he smile, "We continue taking video today ok".

"Do we really need to do this?" I voiced him up my hesitation.

He smile....

P/S: What are these two people up to??? What are their 'midnight project'? Wanna know more?

Emelda Shabelle

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Real Moment Of His Life: Part 2

Once upon a time......

There was a little boy who lived in a very dark room....
Every day, he would looked out of the window.

He wished that he could find someone to play with but,
He couldn't find any one to accompanied him...
So, he played with his cheap little toy alone by the window...

He get bored.
He turned to the left, he turned to the right....
But, again....he found that No body there.....

His only 'friend' is that cheap little toy.

The little boy turned around,
His eyes shine with happiness...
At last, he found someone who always look after him.
Someone who stand by his side through thick and thin.
Someone who will stand by him through darkness and sorrow..
Someone that he called 'Mom'...

P/S: I'm bored......

Emelda Shabelle

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Brain Need To Be Feed With..... [Book: Non-Fiction]

Being someone who used to be in linguistic line, it does influence me on the materials that I read. Some people might find it's kind of 'lame' reading this type of genre, but I found it very fascinating...

This is some of the books that I kept in my bookshelves and I found it worth the money to buy, it's not that expensive -LAH. 

A Nyonya In Texas by Lee Su Kim
This is one of my favorite. I read it twice and it never failed to amazed me. The book is actually a compilations of stories on how the author handle her 'life' dealing with cross-culture when she was in Texas. I found it quite funny for the western people to 'label' us, the Asian as genius just because we (Especially MALAYSIAN) can speak in more than 3 languages. So, imagine if you can speak Malay, English, Kadazan, Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese,  etc (even though you are not even fluent in any of the language, but you can speak 1/3 of it, you will still be label as 'linguistic intelligence').

One of my favorite book.
For more details, this is the link to A Nyonya In Texas synopsis & review.

* I never get this book back after 'borrowed' by a friend!! (Lain kali tidak mau kasi pinjam sudah ni).

Malaysian Flavours: Insights Into Things Malaysian by Lee Su Kim
A very informative book to read. Want to know why we Malaysian always end our sentences or phrases with -LAH? Can we just use -Lah, -Lah, -Lah in every sentences? LOL, only Malaysian know when is the 'right time' to pepper our speech with -Lah. 

Same goes to the Sabahan, only Sabahan will know when is the correct time to use -Bah! ( This is out topic, NOT COVERED in the book!!!)

One of my favorite book in my 'mini library'.
For more details, this is the link to Malaysian Flavours synopsis & review.

Honk! If You're Malaysian by Lydia Teh
This is also a very fascinating stories about us (Malaysian). You will never get bored reading this book for everything written in it might also experience by us (what we do when we got stuck in traffic jams, what we do to avoid embarrassment when we forgot our friend's name, etc...). The stories revolved around Lydia's observations on the quirky side of Malaysian life, culture and everyday life that we can think of.

Honk! Honk! Yup, we Malaysian LOVE to HONK!
For more details, you might also check it out in Lydia's Blogspot.

P/S: I need to add new entry in my resolution. Since, this is almost the end of 2011 already (2 months and a week to go). Maybe, I'm gonna finish reading 2 books for this year (busy BAH). I'm bad!!! Opsss... recipe books are NOT included!!!

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Real Moment Of His Life..

I took pictures when I'm bored...and this is the product of boredom. 

It's ain't easy taking kids' photos especially those who doesn't even like cameras. Well, some kids love to have their pictures taken, but some don't.  But, if you manage to get the best from them, it gonna be breathtaking pictures coz they will portray the real moment of their life, not posed photos!

So, yesterday I managed to play 'hide & seek' with Aaron inside a blanket, with my right hand holding my camera! Wow, it's not easy coz he's moving like 60km/minute!!!

Presenting you guys some of his best moment in life!

He loves 'hide & seek'....

Now you see me, now you don't...

P/S: Will take some snaps again today!

Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, October 22, 2011

PHONEphotography [Steamboat Part 2: Ocean Steamboat]

In my previous entry (PhonePHOTOgraphy: Steamboat)I did mentioned about Ocean steamboat and how much I prefer eating steamboat there.

I managed to go there last week and took some pictures for my  review on the food and  the place.

When we reached there, it’s only 5:30PM. They just started their business for that day. We are the first customer and it’s good coz I can took some pictures without disturbing other customers.

I’m actually carving for white clams or anything with shells except oysters. Unfortunately, they don’t have it on their table  that day. Felt a little bit upset but it’s ok coz they still have lots of yummy food there... 

*All pictures are snapped using handphone. The quality is not as good as DSLR but I LOVE MY PHONEphotography.

The view.

Delicious food on the table.

Fresh seafood....
Yum ...yum.... yummy fish.

Steamboat anyone???

The 'art' of Steam-boating (again)...
Ice-cream before going back...

Venue: Ocean Steamboat, Bandar Ramai Ramai, Sandakan
Open : Daily (5:30PM-11:00PM)
Price : RM21 pax

Emelda Shabelle

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm PROUD to be an 80's Baby!!!

*[ This entry will be using code switching from English - Sabahan Malay.]

* Applicable ONLY For the 80's MALAYSIAN Baby.

I'm an 80's Baby and I am very proud of it (even though sometime I  do feel like I'm 'ancient'). Crap!!!

Been longing to write bout this topic for quite some time. The only problem is, I just don't know how to start and what to write. Not because I'm 'running out of idea', it's because I have a lot of things to share that everything seem to jumbled up. 

We always talked bout' this in school. Everybody seem to have  vivid memories bout' their 80's. It's amazing how we can talked on and on about the same topic and actually memorized most of the details, songs, and even the famous tag lines in the 80's and 90's too.

Ok folks, This pictures WILL DEFINETELY bring you back to memory lane. 


The pencil is really useful especially to save the battery (if we using walkman). How creative we are during those time.. We can even 'rewind' the song to the exact 'timing' just by looking at it!! The Yayasan Sabah's (Sabah Foundation) pen can be useful too (because of the shape).
Duiii... Betul-betul menggamit kenangan oh ni barang!!!

Siapa masih ingat barang-barang ni? Still remember the TV? My grandma used to have the same TV. I still remember the 'chocolate bar' look alike punya design. TV ni siap ada 'pintu' lagi. Boleh tutup-buka!!!

We still can find the kodak film and the walkman too right... but susah sikit lah. Last time, we always bought the 36 roll's film. Lagipun, the price not really much difference kan (if I'm not mistaken it started from RM5 to RM7.50 depending on the ISO & brand). Cuma 'sandi' sikit time 'cuci' tu gambar. Only when I'm in form 3, baru tau rupa2nya ada pula film khas for black & white (b&w) effect. Nah, apa lagi time tu mmg suka trip2 zaman b&w. Kena lagi ngam2 time tu fashion bell-bottom and baju 'stripe stripe' making a comeback!!!

Remember the Video Cassette (VC)? We used to modified the cover to make pencil case. All we need to do is to be creative. The boys will design it with graffity or drawing, while the girls will be busy cutting down pictures of BSB, N'sync, Britney and even MLTR.

And the cassette... back then, we were listening to casette tapes that sold for RM9.90...

Dee Dee!

Nah siapa tidak kenal ni, memang bukan 80's baby ni tau! This is Dee Dee. If you still couldn't remember, this might help you refresh your memory.

"Ja..ja..jangan ketawa,
ja..ja..ja..jangan ketawa."

If you check in youtube. you will still be able to watch the short clip. Back then, Harith Iskandar still with his 'belah tengah' hairstyle and way slimmer than today. 

Still remember the theme song?

We grew up watching Transformers, Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker,... Chip & Dell, Mickey Mouse, CareBears, Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles, Gaban (sampai nama cousin kami pun kena bagi nama Gaban gara2 ni famous super fighter of all time!!!), Suria Baja Hitam, Ultraman & not forgettin POWER RANGERS n BUGS BUNNY!!!

I bet most of you must be familiar with 'Chun', the girl from Moero Attack!!! Wah time ni, terus sport volley ball jadi pilihan no.1 students. Semua mau buat 'Tamparan Padu Maut'!!! Newspaper mesti jadi sasaran untuk di'gumpal', masuk dalam plastik, ikat and 'walla'.. dapat 1 biji bola utk main volley ball.. Iyalah kan, time tu mana lah mampu beli bola tampar. Thank GOD that WE (The 80's baby) always use our creativity.

Drama Comet (some of my friends don't even familiar with this) pun cute. We will know when the slot almost finish whenever the girl talked to her mum, the STAR!!! Tapi yang bikin gerigitan tu, every time si comet ni start dialogue dia 'ibu.....' sambil tengok bintang, nah meaning mau habis sudah tu episode!!

The 80's and 90's TV series.

Our family favorite sitcom will be Full House and McGyver!!! But during school holiday, I'll be sitting down infront of the TV waiting for Alam Ria Cuti Sekolah slot. Have to wait every Friday or Saturday morning to watch Alana, The Girl From Tomorrow! Luckily, we don't have to wait for school holiday to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air & Saved by The Bell!!

Games we used to play...

Talking bout' my hobbies during those time. Sepa tau 'PolisenTep'? Been calling the game with the wrong pronounciation. Sudah besar panjang baru tau, rupa2nya it should be pronounced as 'Police and Thief'! Duhhhh.... Jangan lupa main 'tapuk-tapuk' (sorok-sorok). The famous rhyme recite during the game definately;

"Mari kita main tutup mata,
Mata buta tidak boleh nampak,
Muk-muk-muk, siGUmuk makan cacing,"

(tiba-tiba teringat satu lagi funny rhyme)

What will you do if you smell a fart BUT you have no idea where it came from and none of your friends admit it?? This is our famous rhyme!!!

"Tut, TuT, TuT...
Siapa buang Ken*uT,
Tembak P*NT*T sampai bUcUr!!!"

( See, this is the reason why I never write this entri before. Everything is jumble up now)!

Back to the topic. Any of you played Zero Point before? I never see any kids now yang main Zero Point... Last time, memang siap buat pertandingan lawan sepa paling teror. The boys also joint together. sampai ada pula kategori 'anak bulan'. Boleh tahan juga 'elestik' time tu, even 'merdeka' pun boleh lepas senang-senang!!! I think kalau sekarang ni, terkehel juga pinggang even baru level bahu!

Even 'king-king' (some called it 'ting2' and  etc) also need you to be super elestic coz you need to stretch backward to pick up your 'stone'. Usually we will use 'tiles' with different shape so that it will be easier to identify which one is yours (the game's rule is, you must pick up your own stone WITHOUT looking at it. This is where you need to be elestic.)!But of course. the best would be main guli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice- cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-three', etc...

Even in school too, we have our own games to play whenever the teachers not coming inside the class. Remember those kind of 'book games' where we would use 'buku latihan' to draw and ask our friends to play... and also dot (titik) where its like conquering the other party's dots? We use brains too rite!!!

Slowly, we became technology wise (konun). Time ni lah berjinak2 dengan Mario Bros, Dongkey Kong... Time ni pun famous 'Ting Tong' games.

Kalau mau cerita pasal games ni, mmg never ending story jadinya nanti. To make it short, will share pictures on 'what else we do during the 80's & 90's...

Debbie Gibson, Duran Duran, NKOTB & BSB

When we were young, we used to 'lepak' inside our aunt's room which is full with posters of international artists. Phobe Cats, NKOTB, Duran Duran and more... Yup, the BSB is the 90's, but we the 80's grew up with their songs, imagining to meet and dates the N'sync boys, practicing like hell just to be able to dance like Britney and of course I wanted to have voice like Christina's!!!

Ohh...Debbie Gibson still damn sexy and pretty till today!!!

This will be our favorite junk food!!! Banyak free mainan kan duluuuuuu...

Wahhhhh.... Last Ogos, I went to this one sundry shop at Donggongon and I was so excited when I saw they selling Ding Dang & Tora!!! I bought 10-20 boxes of Ding Dang as Tora to be included in the goodies bag during Aaron's birthday party. I wonder what is the free toy inside. Kan dulu Tora ada slot iklan di tv, syiok syiok tengok tv, tiba-tiba iklan 'Tora Datng Lagi" keluar!!! 

The Cocoa Ball pun sedap. berabisan mau kasi habis tu coklat sebab the box boleh jadi mainan juga, tiup and terus keluar bunyi, ingat lagi???? 

My late grandma sometimes gave us RM2 and told us to buy ice-cream 20 sen at kedai Guntala or from aunt Agnes. Her favorite flavor is Hamoi (Asam boi) and I love Milo the most!! Kalau ada duit lebih, dapat lah beli gula-gula tung tung!!!

Huhhhhh...... really miss all those time.  Ohhh, do they still giving away FREE toys in every box? 

(By the time I finished with this entry, I saw in TV2 ads iklan 'JOJO' (macam Tora and Ding Dang). They giving away 'Pistol Binatang' in their box, but of course with 'Selagi Stock Masih Ada'!!!)

Pager, ATUR & Public Phone Kuning!!!!

Wow... look at this mobile phone revolutions. Basically I've seen the Pager and Atur coz my dad used to have it. I still remember the briefcase size mobile phone. Funny rite, macam James Bond pula whenever he carried his phone with him. The antenna pun bukan alang-alang panjang. The best part of it, even if we are way inside the camp site, masih boleh keep in touch, and clear lagi!! 

Fido Dido pun bukan main fames dulu. sampai baju & seluar pun 'malar' berFido Dido. 

Polken, anyone?

Ada siapa2 yang masih guna minyak rambut Poken? Last time jarang jumpa budak2 sekolah yang kusut tidak terurus. Dulu, budak2 lelaki semua kemas, rambut terSisir rapi. Dari pagi sampai pulang sekolah masih lagi rambut berkilat kemas. My teacher used to say "Kalau lalat landing pun boleh terlicin"! Style rambut budak2 sekolah dulu semua style ala-ala Dracula. Kemaaaasssss ja. Now, jangankan baju, rambut pun macam rambut apa jaaaaa..... I think the school should start introducing 1 Class 1 POLKEN campaign lah ni tau.. But make sure to censored tu sexy picture di depan. Hehehehe....

Oh yaaa, Polken kalau habis, jangan buang. Usually, the Nina-Nina memang recycle this and kasi jadi tempat simpan 'sigup' or kapur sirih!!!

And the last picture...... 

Daun Setawar!
Remember how we used to keep this as bookmark? Makin tebal buku teks, makin bagus. Usually we will used the maths book! Tidak sabar mau tunggu tu daun ber'akar' (ehhh apa tu?)!!!

Please be noted that:-

1) The language I'm using here is Sabahan Language. Some states might have the same 'words' but carried a different meaning. Pardon me for any words that might sound offensive in your culture. THE SABAHAN KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

2) This is the first time I'm using pictures that not belong to me. In fact, NONE of the pictures in THIS ENTRY are mine. You can easily excess the pictures in any engine search. So, jangan ja nanti tiba2 ada org kena saman guna pics diorg... 

Last but not least, you are absolutely one of the 80's Baby IF YOU SMILE WHILE READING THIS...


P/s: I've been drafting this entry for 3 days already. Too many stories to tell (the 80's baby know exactly what I'm saying) but I have to stop here... Terlampau panjang ni entri bah!!! 

Emelda Shabelle


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the Midst of Pissing Off With... (THEM)!!!!

Pissed Off!!!


I'm getting tired of this NEVER ENDING WORKS. Too many things happening and too much works to be done yet so little time to finish everything..

I'm suppose to send my Documentation last month, due date is on 24th Sept 2011. First issue; How the hell am I going to finish it before 24th when the programme is not finish yet. Hypothesis: 'He' is NOT aware of the programme. All he ever know is to give order. Second issue; How to finish it early when Me, Myself depending on those people who suppose to hand over their info regarding to the programme (I'm not involved in this programme) to me but THEY took so long to pass it to me too. I was given the info right before PMR. (But still, I completed my part already!!!)

I also got a SMS from 'HER'. Ordering me to put up the notice for the coming meeting (I'm not gonna mention what meeting it is). Damn, I got the message while I'm monitoring the Form 5 Final Exam. Oh man, I thought I'm gonna spend my weekend by marking papers ONLY, but it seem that I have to prepare for the meeting's minute AGAIN!

I also received SMS  from the same person as early as 7:55A.M on SUNDAY, I mean WEEKEND!!! She wanted to see the draft for HUPH which only going to happen on NEXT MONTH!!!

Actually, I'm okay with this but totally and extremely in the midst of pissing off with 'THEM'!!! I have my own limit. Why on earth they keep on bulking up all the 'heavy' work & position to 'US'? Why everything must be given to the same person? Are 'THEY' blind or pretend to be one? This is the reason for  "WHY WE ARE HIGHLY DEMOTIVATED" !!! It's so damn UNFAIR!!! This is the scenario, those who escaped from duty and irresponsible will be living happily with no given works (or maybe less and easy work), NOTHING... NA-DA!!! They can do whatever they want without given warning!!!! But those who are 'RELIABLE' will be given tons of work, if you refuse to handle it or beg them to at least consider on giving 'less' works/duties, then THEY will use their 'so-called-POWER' to 'blackmail' you with SHOW-CAUSE LETTER! No wonder all those dependable people raising up their white flag and asking for transfer!

Don't THEY get it? Please show use some mercy and please OPEN YOUR EYES!!! WE are NOT a ROBOT. We are just an ORDINARY human and we need to get a break or else we'll become CRAZY!!!

In the Mind of A Paranoid Schizophrenic. JUST KIDDING!!!

Oh MY.... MAC & HUPH around the corner!!! Analysis for form 4 & form 5. Key-in marks for SAPS... uncountable works!!!

P/S: I better start marking my paper than just mumbling around and spreading bad aura here... Really need to attract Positive Aura.

Emelda Shabelle

Monday, October 17, 2011

PhonePhotography [Part: Steamboat]

I brought my DSLR to snap some pictures during our steamboat session with friends. Just when I'm about to adjust the manual setting, I noticed that I'm actually had forgotten to insert the SD Memory Card (again)!!! My excitement dropped tremendously. I had planned to do some food review and imagining the 'yummilicious' "looking" food I'm about to snap using my so-called Big Camera.


So this time, I have to 'open' new label under 'PHONEphotography'. The pictures are all taken using my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S2.

The outcome are understandable and acceptable!

The 'ARTS' of steam boating!!! Just add everything in!!!

Let's eat till' we drop!!!

Oh, I think it's over-cooked!!!

Pose after steamboat!!!

'Siput apa ni'?

Sedap juga bah pula ni lepas cicah kicap + cili padi + bawang putih!!!

Some info:
Venue   : 1 Malaysia Steamboat, Sandakan.
Open     : Daily (6pm-10:30pm)
Price     : RM25 pax.
Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Why? The food finished quite early and took some time for them to refilled it. The best part is, they served quite variety of food (ABC, soft drink, fruits, pudding, ice cream and more).

P/S: But I love Ocean Steamboat at Bandar Ramai-Ramai more! And Windbell Tg Aru!!!...

Emelda Shabelle.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BLACKIE was the given name...

Running out of TIME... but I NEED TO WRITE as it is part of my ANGER management therapy. I'm extremely pissed off with some people who don't have any LIFE, SERIOUSLY!!! They choose to live unhappily but tried and dragging other's people to live like them! Pathetic!!!

Pardon me. You guys might be confused with my title and my story? Academically said, it's 0.01 correlated. Let me paint away your quizzical mind... (by the time I ended my sentences here, 100% of my anger had decreased to 40%).

Actually, I would love to share this picture to you all. What is your interpretation of the subject?

This is Blackie...

I never notice how beautiful her eyes colour is until this was captured. The moral of the story is... Sometime, we forget the small beautiful things in our life until we truely look into it, right?

~ Just, BLACKIE ~ 
Blackie was the given name,
Running freely is what She used to do.
Never been love by most of 'them',
For 'scratching' is what She loves to do. 

 Oceanic eyes is what She have,
Ohh it's not the reason for being loved.  
Shouting is what She always get,
For Her nails will be full of fancy ragged cloth.

Blackie was the given name,
Name that were no longer care.
A Bad Wild Cat is what She's called.
After all, Blackie is just a naughty CAT!!

~ Originally 'draft' by Emelda Shabelle ~

P/S: An IMPROMPTU poem (NOT even poem) 'draft' in 8 minutes!!! Will re-edit it back when I get the idea. For the time being, let it remain that way....

Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family Day Out [Part: Nature]...

Hubby is having his day off today and we've been planning to have a family outing somewhere nearby. We went for breakfast at mile 4 first before we proceed to Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok (RDC) for Borneo Bird Festival 2011. Even though this is the best time for birdwatching, but our only intention is to have a nature walk.

This is the second time we went to RDC for this year. During our first visit, we didn't took any pictures because it happened that all of our cameras (DSLR, Digital Cam & mobile phones) are running out of battery. What a coincidence, isn't it?

We didn't saw any birds because we are not even paying fully attention to it. Even if we spot any, we will never be able to get the pictures too because we only bring our 18-135mm lens. No point too, right?

So, here are some pictures of activities can be done in RDC and including activities being held during Borneo Bird Festival. It's not too late for you guys to be part of the festival yet.

Welcome to Borneo Bird Festival....

The suspension bridge...

Are you an Acrophobic?

I just walked in the middle and stay focus. It's Scary!!!

Don't try this if you suffer from Acrophobia...

The stairs to the canopy...

Ginger, anyone?

The signboard to guide the visitors.

This is the 'Lepaking Corner' where you can rest for a while before proceed to the canopy walk.

The tourist giving way to these 'naughty' kids to go to the other side. Such a naughty boys, they shake the suspension bridge when the tourist right in the middle of the bridge!!!

Cute little girl waiting patiently for her airbrush tattoo to be ready...

Don't forget to get your gadget ready for birdwatching!!!

Just before we went back, we managed to get Aaron's caricature done by proffesional artist.

Emelda Shabelle