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Monday, October 13, 2014


Mealshake icecream
Mealshake icecream recipe
Chocolate chips icecream
Hi there, 

This is my first attempt making homemade Icecream. Since it is my first, I tried to Google for the easiest recipe and most importantly, without using icecream maker.
This icecream is good for kids too especially those who are picky eater. Why? If you notice, one of the special ingredient is MEALSHAKE (refer to previous entry to know more on Mealshake)..
So, for friends who have been asking for this recipe, here you go......

Here are the ingredients..
1) half can of sweetened creamer
2) a can of evaporate milk
3) 1 nos of Gred A egg
4) SHAKLEE vanilla Mealshake
* any favorite flavor (milo, chocolate syrup, strawberry flavour or any of your choice)
Mix (mixture) all the ingredients for 15minutes till it becomes fluffy and add flavor..
Easy pitsy right... Good luck..

*All images are taken using smartphone's camera

Emelda Shabelle

Friday, October 3, 2014


Mealshake recipe for picky eater

MEALSHAKE recipe for picky eater

Special MEALSHAKE cream cheese glaze

Mealshake recipe for picky eater

Mealshake recipe for picky eater

Cinnamon Roll & MEALSHAKE cheesy glaze


After berbulan-bulan lamanya oven tak berasap,  hari ni the house was surrounded with the smell of cinnamon. One thing about cinnamon I love the most is, it always remind me of Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Maybe I should start baking gingerbread cinnamon already, no???

Anyways...  Supposedly, I have few (quite a lot actually) testimonials to share with you guys but since the Internet connection is not being nice to me, I decided to do something to make the tummy happier. The tummy (yes, blame the tummy!)

Ada siapa2 tak yang anak-anak kategori picky eater? My son sangat picky when it comes to food. No vegetables, no fruits!!! Yang mamanya ni pula pening just trying to cover cebisan sayur dlm timbunan nasi.  Pening kan?

Tapi, hari ni dapat idea nak buat anak makan makanan favorite but at the same time, they getting nutrients from it. Dari situlah datangnya idea nak buat Cinnamon Rolls with creamy MEALSHAKE glaze. Yes, I'm using Mealshake by Shaklee as one of my special ingredient.

Why do I choose MEALSHAKE? Mealshake sebenarnya mampu mencetus selera makan anak-anak. Sangat sesuai bagi mereka yang kurang selera makan, sembelit, asma, sering selsema, kurang berat badan dan sebagainya.. Istimewanya lagi, Mealshake membekalkan 35% atau lebih nilai harian bagi 19 vitamin dan mineral yang penting. Sumber yang kaya kalsium, fiber dan protein. That is why, walaupun kita kurang makan namun, namun pengambilan Mealshake banyak membantu memberi badan rasa bertenaga..

So, untuk mereka yang PM untuk dapatkan resepi Cinnamon Roll with MEALSHAKE creamy glaze. I will post the recipe here...


Kalau recipe dough tu utk lebih tepat boleh google sebab baking style saya ni  kampung2 X main measure. Sy measure semua bahan guna gelas.

Basically ingredients
1) 3 glasses all purpose flour (tapi sia guna tepung pau sbb kehabisan flour)
2) 1 egg
3) 1 tbs salt
4) 1/4 gula pasir
5) 1 pek 11g yeast
6) 1/4 air suam (utk kasi activate tu yeast)
7) 1/4 castor sugar
8) 3/4 fresh milk..
9)1/4 melted butter

1) brown sugar
2) castor sugar
4) cinnamon powder

1) creamcheese
2) fresh milk
3) mealshake
4) castor sugar.

P/s: Siapa mau beli Mealshake Shaklee. Let me know. Boleh bikin icecream juga ni mealshake..

Hopefully dengan sharing ni, anak-anak kita sentiasa sihat..

Rakan Kesihatan Anda
Emelda Shabelle

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