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Friday, October 7, 2011

FREE Weeken Holiday for 3 Months!!!

Last January, my hubby told me that his company gonna send him for outstation in Labuan Station for a month. Usually, the company will come out with everything except for our own expenses (shopping of cause).

So, after one month there, suddenly it was extended to 3 months. For me, it's like a weekend holiday. Even though it's quite tiring, from SDK-KKIA-LBN & vice versa, but everything was paid off and worth it coz I get my weekly Holiday getaway for FREE.

Hubby was asked to choose either Grand Dorsett Hotel or Waterfront and we choose Waterfront Hotel coz we love the environment and the landscape. For us, the main attraction here is the super large swimming pool.

When we first checked in, we are given a room at the ground floor facing to Ujana Shopping complex. We requested to change our room to the one facing to the swimming pool but too bad it was under renovations. The following months, we are given a room at the main building. Ohhh did I mention that the old building (the first time we checked in) is actually used to be Labuan Hospital Building? It's stereotype but it does makes me feel scared a little bit. I tried to think positive about that hotel and assume that the stories told are just rumours...So far, nothing spooky or scary things happened during our stay.

The staff are friendly and helpful. Even though we encountered with small problem with one of the rude housekeeping staff, but everything went back just fine after she was warned by the manager. Well RM270 x 90 days = customers are ALWAYS right!! Some people just need to be teach a lesson just to make them understand their mistakes right. (Ohhh that was the first and the last time we met that lack of manners lady).

During the final week of our stay, we got a complimentary 'thank you' voucher from the Hotel; BBQ buffet dinner for 2 pax at the Spinnaker. This is one of Spinnaker's signature and they having this only on Saturday evening at 6:00pm-11:00pm. They really serve yummylicious food especially the bbq part and I do recommend you guys to try it out if it's happen that you gonna go there in a future.

So, here is the link to Waterfront Hotel, Labuan and few of  pictures to be share.

The old Labuan Hospital Building..

Big pool huh?


The night view...

Who is Jasmine, I wonder???

Kristen in her swim suit!!!

The boy who loves to swim!!!

Aksi-aksi Pikachu!!!

Labuan Memorial

Labuan Memorial

P/S: Not only we got to know Labuan better, we also 'build' new friendship here especially with the MAS (Labuan) Staff...

Emelda Shabelle


  1. Hi emelda.u made right choice with waterfront labuan.I love the large swimming pool and the beach and the room as well.very nice hotel.Oh..i remember the beach bar.My room last time facing the swimming pool and beach.very nice view :-).but i dont remember about the old hospital.LOL

  2. Hi dyanareds..
    Yes glad we made the right choice of choosing Waterfront. About the hospital building, our Labuan friends told us bout it. When Labuan General hospital relocated, the old building are turned to hotel. The main building where the lobby is, actually new building. The one next to it actually the remaining of the old hospital building. Luckily, nothing spooky happy during our stay..