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Saturday, October 22, 2011

PHONEphotography [Steamboat Part 2: Ocean Steamboat]

In my previous entry (PhonePHOTOgraphy: Steamboat)I did mentioned about Ocean steamboat and how much I prefer eating steamboat there.

I managed to go there last week and took some pictures for my  review on the food and  the place.

When we reached there, it’s only 5:30PM. They just started their business for that day. We are the first customer and it’s good coz I can took some pictures without disturbing other customers.

I’m actually carving for white clams or anything with shells except oysters. Unfortunately, they don’t have it on their table  that day. Felt a little bit upset but it’s ok coz they still have lots of yummy food there... 

*All pictures are snapped using handphone. The quality is not as good as DSLR but I LOVE MY PHONEphotography.

The view.

Delicious food on the table.

Fresh seafood....
Yum ...yum.... yummy fish.

Steamboat anyone???

The 'art' of Steam-boating (again)...
Ice-cream before going back...

Venue: Ocean Steamboat, Bandar Ramai Ramai, Sandakan
Open : Daily (5:30PM-11:00PM)
Price : RM21 pax

Emelda Shabelle


  1. aik RM22 sudah kah? bukan lagi RM21?
    cantik pic ko ambil tu Bie...
    bah bila mo belanja sia makan steamboat sana..heheheh

  2. Cath, wrong info. Kami byr rm44 utk 2 org. Rupa2nya ada soft drink 1. Maybr tu soft drink rm2. Nanti sia tukar info.. Tq tq.. Bahh ko jln2 lahh pi rumah.

  3. If u happen to be in tawau..try p sana Daily-Q restaurant, jalan Sin Onn..they offer steamboat n grill oso; rm18/pax only :p

    sa bg ko url ni utk sight-seeing.

  4. Wahhh I was in Tawau last friday and carving for seafood steamboat. Sekali pi maxims kah tu, hampa.. Later I blog bout maxims lagi... Tq for the info...nanti mau juga try sana.