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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hobbies Vs Obsession Part 3

I love Dress very much. Sometime I wish I were taller than my height now so that it will be easy for me to chose any dresses that I like. However, my 'height' never stop me from buying those long dresses. At least, now my closet is not that dull anymore... 

I started buying long dress last year. I bought all of my dresses in KL because I found that the price there are more cheaper than those in KK. Never intended on buying it at the first place, but I just can't stop thinking of how regret I would be if I don't buy it. So, it ended up in my closet.

I only wore one of it during my cousin's wedding reception, but most of the dresses still remain 'untouch'. Planning to buy mannequins and start 'renting' it....

Here are some of my long dresses.

Never wear this yet..
Colourful? White dresses & red dress that I haven't wear yet.

The only dress that already been worn is the one in the middle.

And 'some' of my short dresses too....
Some of my white short dresses.(NEVER wear this too)

My white dress and LBD...(Never wear this)

P/S:I still have some dresses that I left in KK. Will update the pictures from time to time.

Emelda Shabelle

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