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Sunday, October 16, 2011

BLACKIE was the given name...

Running out of TIME... but I NEED TO WRITE as it is part of my ANGER management therapy. I'm extremely pissed off with some people who don't have any LIFE, SERIOUSLY!!! They choose to live unhappily but tried and dragging other's people to live like them! Pathetic!!!

Pardon me. You guys might be confused with my title and my story? Academically said, it's 0.01 correlated. Let me paint away your quizzical mind... (by the time I ended my sentences here, 100% of my anger had decreased to 40%).

Actually, I would love to share this picture to you all. What is your interpretation of the subject?

This is Blackie...

I never notice how beautiful her eyes colour is until this was captured. The moral of the story is... Sometime, we forget the small beautiful things in our life until we truely look into it, right?

~ Just, BLACKIE ~ 
Blackie was the given name,
Running freely is what She used to do.
Never been love by most of 'them',
For 'scratching' is what She loves to do. 

 Oceanic eyes is what She have,
Ohh it's not the reason for being loved.  
Shouting is what She always get,
For Her nails will be full of fancy ragged cloth.

Blackie was the given name,
Name that were no longer care.
A Bad Wild Cat is what She's called.
After all, Blackie is just a naughty CAT!!

~ Originally 'draft' by Emelda Shabelle ~

P/S: An IMPROMPTU poem (NOT even poem) 'draft' in 8 minutes!!! Will re-edit it back when I get the idea. For the time being, let it remain that way....

Emelda Shabelle


  1. Hey, nice pic and NICE poem.. ur pretty good at writing poems :)
    Still...I miss Blackie NOT.. Hehe!

  2. Geetha, is that how Blacky name spell? Blackie? Betina bahh ' dia' tu kan?

  3. Tq..tq..:-P impromptu bahh tu... Idea mencurah2 time marah..