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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Brain Need To Be Feed With..... [Book: Non-Fiction]

Being someone who used to be in linguistic line, it does influence me on the materials that I read. Some people might find it's kind of 'lame' reading this type of genre, but I found it very fascinating...

This is some of the books that I kept in my bookshelves and I found it worth the money to buy, it's not that expensive -LAH. 

A Nyonya In Texas by Lee Su Kim
This is one of my favorite. I read it twice and it never failed to amazed me. The book is actually a compilations of stories on how the author handle her 'life' dealing with cross-culture when she was in Texas. I found it quite funny for the western people to 'label' us, the Asian as genius just because we (Especially MALAYSIAN) can speak in more than 3 languages. So, imagine if you can speak Malay, English, Kadazan, Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese,  etc (even though you are not even fluent in any of the language, but you can speak 1/3 of it, you will still be label as 'linguistic intelligence').

One of my favorite book.
For more details, this is the link to A Nyonya In Texas synopsis & review.

* I never get this book back after 'borrowed' by a friend!! (Lain kali tidak mau kasi pinjam sudah ni).

Malaysian Flavours: Insights Into Things Malaysian by Lee Su Kim
A very informative book to read. Want to know why we Malaysian always end our sentences or phrases with -LAH? Can we just use -Lah, -Lah, -Lah in every sentences? LOL, only Malaysian know when is the 'right time' to pepper our speech with -Lah. 

Same goes to the Sabahan, only Sabahan will know when is the correct time to use -Bah! ( This is out topic, NOT COVERED in the book!!!)

One of my favorite book in my 'mini library'.
For more details, this is the link to Malaysian Flavours synopsis & review.

Honk! If You're Malaysian by Lydia Teh
This is also a very fascinating stories about us (Malaysian). You will never get bored reading this book for everything written in it might also experience by us (what we do when we got stuck in traffic jams, what we do to avoid embarrassment when we forgot our friend's name, etc...). The stories revolved around Lydia's observations on the quirky side of Malaysian life, culture and everyday life that we can think of.

Honk! Honk! Yup, we Malaysian LOVE to HONK!
For more details, you might also check it out in Lydia's Blogspot.

P/S: I need to add new entry in my resolution. Since, this is almost the end of 2011 already (2 months and a week to go). Maybe, I'm gonna finish reading 2 books for this year (busy BAH). I'm bad!!! Opsss... recipe books are NOT included!!!

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