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Friday, October 7, 2011

Aaron's Elmo Theme Birthday

This is some pictures of Aaron Elmo's theme birthday party that we manage to save in laptop before the birthday boy took the SD memory card and lost it!!! Hopefully, we'll get it back!!!!! Still lots of beautiful pictures to share!!!

100 pcs of yummy cupcakes with 4 theme colours (blue, yellow, green & red) by Shermalyn Eleanor, TQ dear for the yummylicious Cupcakes & cakes.. TQ for the wonderful birthday 'price'... Your Cupcakes simply the talk of the night!

30 pcs of yummy Elmo's sugar cookies & Cake pop by
Cupcakes Fairytale a.k.a Cynthia Lim.. The cuties & admired by the kids & parents too...

60 pcs macarons with 4 themes colour too by
Deidre F. Chuan. Brought all the way from Sandakan.

TQ to Aunty
Suzanne Lee-Jendili too for helping me with the Elmo's.

Cupcakes, Sugar cookies, cake pop, macarons, Jelly bean & chocolate candy for the kids, and also parents...

'Some' of the yummy cupcakes with filing by Shermalyn Eleanor......

Elmo cake pop by Cupcakes Fairytale.

The 3D cakes is specially ordered from Cynthia Lim & The Yummy Elmo's head ordered from Shermalyn.

Elmo Birthday!!!

The cousins

The Elmo Airwalking Baloon...

Meymey & Aaron...

Aaron with grandpa...

The Birthday Boy!!!

P/S: Can't wait for next year.. Thinking of what theme it's gonna be next!

Emelda Shabelle

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