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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hobbies Vs Obsession Part 2.

Besides HeeLs, this is also one my weaknesses. Luckily I am not the only one who fall into this 'hobby' for I am surrounded with friends who love 'colours' too.

I have lots of make-up collections. Sometimes I wear it but most of the time, I don't! I always wanted to learn make up professionally but I just don't know when to start. So,  for the time being, I just keep it as collection.
I forgot when exactly I started wearing it. I used to be a dancer (started during high school). When I entered Uni, I became full time dancer for Dewan Budaya. We were always called to do a performance  especially during the weekend  and we need to wear very vibrant makeup especially when most of the performance will be held in a quite dark setting. So, I think that was the time when I really bought my own makeup set.

Here are some of the stuff that I can't stop myself from buying too...

BRTC BB Cream ordered online.

120 pallettes eyeshadow, 66 pallettes of lip colour and foundations (No brand) ordered via ebay.

The 3 palettes are made from Korea, 10 palettes of eyeshadow from Indonesia ordered by my MUA friend and shading.

MAC; the lipstick I bought in Heathrow Airport and the rest was bought in 1B.

The Body Shop; The body spray was bought at San Miguel, Philipine and the rest in Body Shop KKIA.

Shu Uemura; bought this in Suria Sabah.

Some of my lipstick. JEMMA KIDS bought in Heathrow Airport, Revlon in Labuan, REVECEN was bought from a MUA friend (it's Korea product), Etude House in Berjaya Time Square...

A collection of Etude House product.

Some of Maybelline's and Silky Girl product.

All about makeup..

KRYOLAN: I bought this online.

Some of my fake eyelashes. Still have a few at home!!!

My makeup 'house'.

My 2nd make up 'house'.

P/S: I'm still waiting for my pre-order Ben Nye to arrive!!!

Emelda Shabelle


  1. hehehhe mel aku masi ingat brg2 yg kita beli online tu hehehe

  2. Iya bahh shan... Nasib baik ada slow sikitttt sdh now.

  3. i LIKE...i like a DIAMOND to us...bie, if u got time, try watch collection..some of them have thousand of lipstick and full of makeup in their room....crazy...but that's women nature kn....

  4. ui, banyaknya bei..BTW, itu BB cream jasmine ok ka? saya pakai BB cream maybelline n plan mau tukar lain...

  5. Kay, mmg bagus juga. Kami order ramai2 tu. Ko cuba check review pasal bb cream brtc brand.

  6. wah...byk collection makeup.samala kita suka beli rasa tmpt sama ni kita about bb cream,sy bhenti tukar bb cream after i met DR.G punya.jaga inner & outer of skin.few days sy pakai buli rasa muka licin.hehe