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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: O.P.I Nail Lacquer...

Hi peeps,

Have any of you ever try on O.P.I nail lacquer? For me, of all the nail polishes I ever tried, this is (so far) my MOST favorite nail product. 

All those bright colours are from the Muppets Collection...

I have a few of O.P.I collections with me but most of it, I prefer to buy it in single since I don't really admire some of the colour. So far, I have the Miss Universe Collection (which has been discontinued), The Muppets Collection (not all) & New York City Ballet Collection (3 of the shade).

OPI & few Essie...
So why OPI? I fell into it at first because of the gorgeous pigmented colour. Seriously, the colours are AMAZING!!! It is so rich, high quality, and suit any age and occasion (elegant, sexy, retro, young etc).

My favorite colour; RED...
As for the application, it is super duper easy to use, glides on smoothly and nicely without air bubbles (bubbles can be really irritating).It layers beautifully and dries quickly too. I really love the nice shine on my nails!!!  

Oh, I found it really interesting on how they come out with the name selection too. In fact, the team are really creative in giving names to all their collection.  'Congeniality is my Middle name', 'Gettin' Miss Piggy With It', 'Absolutely Alice'..... It's cute right?

Simply Smashing & Sparrow me the Drama...

OPI can be a bit pricey (but then again it's WORTH IT!). It worth RM59-RM62 per bottle. I did a brief survey on the price for manicure (nail saloon) using OPI product and most of them charge RM60-RM80 for just a simple design. Off all my OPI nail lacquer, I found this one particular colour 'Swimsuit NAILED IT..', leave stain on my nail and really difficult to remove it (maybe because I forgot to put on base coat first). Ohh ya, the big applicator brush might be a 'con' too but once you practice a lot, it will turn you to pro!!!

For beginners, this might be the disadvantage. 

For me, I will absolutely 'invest' on this product and recommend you guys to try it. Who knows, if you gonna fall in love with it too...

P/S: Orders coming up soon....

** The product were purchased by my hard-earn money. I am NOT affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my opinion.

Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Collection of Nail Lacquers...

Hi there beautiful people,

If you guys really follow my blog or read the entry, you'll notice that I never write anything on nail colours. It's not that I don't like it but there are certain things that I will do (and eat too) only when I have the mood. So, this is one of it!

Just recently (this year), I started buying nail colour again. I don't know till' when but... we'll see!

So, what do I have in my collection? 

These are my babies!

O.P.I, Konad, Poshe, Elianto, Cosway, Etude House....
Miss Universe Collection, New York City Ballet Collection, The Muppets by OPI & few Essie nail lacquer.

So, you can see that I'm using wide (not really) range of nail colour's product but I love O.P.I the most (at this moment). It's kinda' expensive but, seriously it worth the price!!! Wait for my review to know 'why'...

P/S: Wish list ---> Ciate Caviar & velvet dust manicure....

** The product were purchased by my hard-earn money. I am not affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my opinion. 

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baking Class Anyone?

Hi there beautiful earthlings....

Pssttt.... Today I will reveal my secret. Just because I love to buy recipe books and love to cook, people around me always have the idea that I AM A GOOD COOK or BAKER. Well, they are wrong coz' I'm NOT!!!

For me, a gooood cook is someone who can cook ALMOST all type of food and here I am, still struggling to learn to cook Zhu Kiok!!! Yup, I did get some compliment for my beef stewed, fish curry, Sambal Ikan Masin (eksen lagi) ... but that doesn't qualified me to become a good cook yet.  Baking??? I'm using pre-mix y'all!!! What an embarrassing confession.  

I got so guilty of using premix coz I think I didn't learn anything from it. So, when I saw ads by Dezery's which emphasis on baking demo to STEP by STEP and NOT using premix, I enrolled myself to her demo class.

So, since I'm a cheese lover, I enrolled in her Chilled Strawberry Cheese Cake & Caramel Cheese Cake demo class.

These are the ingredients for Chilled Strawberry cheese cake.

After 2 hours in freezer.

Besides, I also learnt on how to bake Cheese Brownies, Chocolate Pavlova....

Chocolate Pavlova

Cheese Brownies
So, after attending the demo class, yesterday I tried making some cheese cake to be given (sponsor) to  MAS Engineering Dept (SDK) for their 'Sungkai'. Well, the looks is not as nice as the first pictures (and I really blame it on the push-up cake mould.), but most of them said it's yummy & taste like an ice-cream...

Doesn't look tempting & nice at all...
 I purposely make extra cheese cake and put it in a wine glass....

Chill Cheese cake with strawberry layer in wine glass.

Looks better ...

This is his second round!

P/S: Planning to learnt moreeeeeeee especially ice-cream!


Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A 'Home' For My Makeup...

Hi my lovely earthlings,

Sorry for being MIA (as if anyone ever bother). I have no intention to abandon my blog for this long, I have lots of things to share but yeahhhh I put the blame on my hectic life (or should I just blame it on my bad time management!!!).  

So, I am so happy (and still happy till today). I bought an ACRYLIC Makeup Organizer for myself last week. This is what I've been wanting for so long; to get a 'home' for all my makeup! You see, I have a few makeup on my table... and drawer... and my makeup box. It's everywhere!!! 

It's everywhere!!!

In my makeup box..

After months of mesmerizing The Kardashians Makeup Organizer, "O.K, that's it! I'm gonna get those for me.", I told myself. 

Tadaaa... At last!

No, I'm not using SKYNET, Thanks to Raj who willing to bring this boxes from KL-SDK...

These are the things I ordered.
OK,OK... will open the boxes for you.

4 drawer with lid with X-divider, Spindle storage Box & 24 slot lipstick holder.

Perfect for storing small items...

24 Slot Lipstick Holder

So, where did I bought this Clear Cube from? I get em' from Makeup Organizer. Besides those three items, she still have other designs too. I am glad that I ordered from her. Super fast service and for someone who can't have COD, no worry coz when I got my parcel,everything was packed nicely with bubble wrap and Styrofoam.   


1) Very high quality acrylic. 
2) Very glossy and transparent effect.

** Acrylic is subject to crazing, cracking or discoloration if brought into contact with incompatible substances.

1) 4 drawers with lid including 1 'X' divider:RM495
2) Extra X divider or 6-grid divider: RM40 each
3) 24 lipstick storage: RM40
4) Spindle Box: RM60
5) SKYNET: For SDK rm162 **Subject to change!

** A bit pricey but I think it's reasonable for those who loves their makeup so much!

P/S: Can't wait for the nail colour's rack!

**Everything mentioned and shown in this entry was purchased with my own money. I am NOT affiliated with any company or product mentioned.

Emelda Shabelle