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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just Another Boring Sunday.....

Hi there beautiful people,

Today is just another boring Sunday. At this very moment, I'm actually watching full Malay horror movie via youtube. I just saw the full movie link last night but since it's a horror movie and it's 2AM. I don't dare to watch it alone. 

Why I'm still awake at 2:00AM? Actually I slept quite early but woke up coz I suddenly caught a fever. I don't know why, but recently I noticed that every morning around 1:00 to 5:00 A.M, I will get fever (with sore throat, runny nose and flu), really bad fever! The weird thing is, I will wake up feeling well that morning, just like today. Weird!!!

Waking up and felt hungry led me to the kitchen. Thinking of what to cook for lunch cum dinner (sometimes I cook in a large quantity so that I don't have to cook for dinner). Earlier, I saw my cousin's status on fb that she's craving for curry. Ermmmm, I got the idea. So, this is what we having today. I think I better just share what we have for the whole week. 

Chicken curry (with dried bean curd)

Chicken liver & sweet pea in Soy Sauce+Ketchup

Spicy Sator Bean with Squid

Vege for Tuesday.

Cabbage with chicken in Thai's sauce

Sayur bunga!!!!

This is some of the food we consume for this week....

P/S: Still bored!!!!

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Simple Homemade Chicken Burger


Doesn't feel like eating rice tonight. I only have two choices for dinner, either fried noodles or burger. I asked the other half which one he prefers but before he could answer my question, I already have the pictures on how and what I'm going to add on my homemade chicken burgers. 

I have no intention to buy ready made burger coz I really don't like eating those kind of food. So, I bought skinless+boneless chicken and burger's bun. Didn't spend much on this coz we still have a lot of herbs, spices,, etc at home. So, all together, I only spent about RM9 (chicken=RM7 + Burger bun= RM2) for our dinner tonight.

The process......

In case you are wondering what's the yellow cream inside the silver bowl, that's the cheezy cream (it taste exactly like those in KFC, the cheezy wedges cream). I made it myself. It's easy, you just need to buy the cheesy powder (I bought mine from Olivia). It is a must buy things if you are a cheese lover.

Eating in progress.Look at the thickness and the juicy meat!!!....

See, how simple it is. the only time consuming here is grilling the burgers. Since I'm making the meat quite thick, so I need to keep the 'fire' really slow to make sure it's completely cook but still maintaining the juicy. It's worth the waiting... 

P/S: Wanna try making vegetable burgers one fine day.

Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friendly Vs Shy Boy

Hi peeps,

Just wanna share some videos of Aaron. 
He is actually a camera/video shy person. He doesn't like to take picture nor video. He is actually a very friendly little boy but once he saw us trying to capture his moment via camera or video, he immediately change into 'shy boy'. 

I'm sharing these two videos of him coz this is the time when he 'willing' to be 'captured' without much persuading. Thanks to 'Ultraman'!!!

This is Aaron's cover version of The Happy Song (The Smuff) and I Do by Colbie. He did ruined the songs but everything IS cute when it comes to Aaron (well at least, it works on me)...

Ohhh at this moment, this is Aaron's version of 'Sign Of Cross'... We've been teaching him to do the proper one but guess we still need to give him more time. No doubt that he needs a little-more practice to make it perfect. However, I am so so so proud of him. Lately, he will do the 'praying' ('Sign of Cross') before we went to sleep (yup, he still sleeping with us. He is our 'Aaron in the middle')..

P/S: He is fantastically adorable in our eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kung Fu Chef

Hi Peeps,

This whole week can be considered as 'movie week' for me. Had downloaded movies in my hard-disk since last week and since we don't have any T&L for the whole week due to sport day, it allow me to watch movies till late midnight. 

To cut this short, I just finished watching this Cantonese Movie called 'Kung Fu Chef'. Yes, this is not the latest movie but still I found it interesting. Well who doesn't when it comes to food, especially the Chinese food.. 

Oh, actually I don't have any topic to talk about but watching the movie remind me bout' foods... Gonna share some pictures here. Beware coz some of the pictures contain non-halal food :-)

Fish Fillet & Fish Roe Curry

Chicken Mushroom

Beef stew

Zhu Kiok

Roasted Tuna

Ohhh ya.... Let's burn the fat after eating all these food.....

Emelda Shabelle

Friday, February 3, 2012

Unfriendly January......

Hi Peeps...

It's been 34 days already we're in the year 2012.. Honestly speaking, January been treating us (my self to be specific) quite bad with many loses and tragic news. Well, I'm not saying that everyday is a bad day, it just that... too much bad news than good news.

This is one of it..... 

Ohhh by the way, this is my very first time experienced flood. For 'first-timer' like me, I really thought 2012 is kinda real..... Yaiiiiiiiiii. Guess what happened the next day after the flood (9/01/12)?

This is what happened...

Oh no, this is not pictures taken somewhere in Kundasang or any highland. This is how Sandakan looked like on January 9th 2012. Once again, this is why I think Nostradamus's predictions was a little bit .......... kinda true aittttttt.

P/s: I should not think to much!!!!!

Emelda Shabelle