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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From My Tiny Little Kitchen Part 5

This is my second time cooking in our little house called 'home'. I was too busy to snap pictures of the first dishes during my first experience cooking in this Tiny Little Kitchen. I only managed to cooked fried chicken wings and beef stew using my slow cooker.

However, for the second time,  I'll make sure I snap & share it to you.

So, here you go. A very simple recipe....

1. Chicken (I'm using the wing's part)
2. Mushroom
3. Garlic
4. Dark Soy Sauce
5. Oyster Sauce

Dark Soy Sauce Chicken with Mushroom.

I also managed to cook curry chicken....

1. Chicken
2. Curry powder (I always mix the meat curry powder with fish
    curry powder.)
3. Potato
4. Water (depending on how thick you want the curry)
5. * 2-3 tablespoon of tomato sauce/chili sauce if you want to have
    a little bit of soury taste and vibrant curry colour (optional).

Curry chicken

Emelda Shabelle

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