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Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a Holy Holiday....

Yay, It's school's holiday! For me, this is the time to enjoy and release all the stress.. It's not that I am totally free from stressful work during this time,but at least the stress is not as heavy as during working day.
well, I'm not going to re-publish back my activities during holiday (you can read my previous post), but it's more on my siblings & nephew's activities.

***** OMGosh!!! The above story actually haven't been post YET. All this while, it remained in 'unpublish post' and I just notice it today (I mean 5 minutes ago). *****

I'm not going to 'erase' the previous post coz so sayang bah kan mau kasi delete macam tu saja. Lagipun, funny pula sia rasa terbaca balik post dulu-dulu ni

Anyway, I will just continue on my previous topic. Well, It's a Holy Holiday. Ermmm it's not really a holiday now, but I will just assume that this PMR examination as holiday. Afterall, it do feels like Holiday. The only difference is, We are having holidays from T&L (teaching & learning activities).

To shorten the whole story;

Ok. I always wanted to share this pictures since last year but don't know how and not sure why, it just put in 'save' section. So, almost half of the pictures in this topic are taken last year. The setting gonna be in Sandakan, Sabah.

This is actually the first time my brother, Gary came to Sandakan. Unlike Minnie and Anan! I am not so sure if they like it here or they just bored...

What do you think?

Pasir Putih Beach

Sepilok, Sandakan

Taman Rimba, Australian Memorial Park.

Emelda Shabelle

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  1. bikin geram tgk anak buah ko ni bie...kiut btl...syoknya dorg main d beach ah...