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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Glamour TAPI Sopan... (Glamour ker...)

I'm so jealous with my friends, saw their Annual Dinner pictures and I was like "What, is that their school Annual Dinner?", "How come they can dress up according to the theme WITHOUT any objection from the 'others'?", "How come their dinner are so happening and people are so sporting!".... Too many hows & whys! Oh yes, I'm really curious and eager to know how they can handle the 'party' so  well without getting 'eye-rolling' from those conservative people (sorry, my bad).

Okay talking bout' our Annual Dinner. For me, this is my 3rd year Annual Dinner as a 'family' in this organisation BUT this is also the FIRST time I really join it. I went back to KK during the first dinner. The second time, I'm not interested in joining it coz for some reason, they changed it to Annual LUNCH, what makes it worst is, they having steamboat for the lunch. So, 'foreseeing' of the heat and the stressful moment, I made a decision for NOT TO JOIN IT.

So, for the first time in my 3 years with 'mi familia', finally I made my way to the dinner. I guess by now you already knew the theme right... Exactly... Glamour ker??? Well, it's you to decide. 

Emelda Shabelle

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Second Last Big Occasion Before...

Wow, This is my third update in a day!!! So you can have the idea how super busy we are for the past 3 weeks (the whole year actually)!!! Thank God, the week finally over... You don't have any idea how busy is busy until you are in 'our' shoe. 

This is our second last big occasion in school before school holiday. Meaning to say, we still have one occasion coming soon.

Ok. last 2 weeks ago is a hectic. Not only for me, but most of the staff too. Paper marking, P&P, key in marks in saps, meetings, collecting data for MAC/HUPH, compiling programme books for MAC, stayed back for drama practice, rehearsal for HUPH, makeup for drama team for MAC, headcount and courses (everything in 2 weeks, imagine our work descriptions for 1 whole year).

Well, just wanna share one of our job in school (who says that we just have to teach?). Multi-tasking, yes we are!!!

The boys!!!
The Before & Pre-After Makeover
I like putting makeup on him. No complain at all... Senyum ja dia...

The Second Ghost...He wanted to be the 'Handsome' Ghost! (adakah hantu Handsome?).

The Third Ghost. The Devils..

He is our Hell-Boy During Inter-school Drama Competition. 

The Ghost with The Undertaker.

The happy kids....

The 'Old' Undertaker. Last-minute role for them as the original actor can't make it.

He wanted to become Dracula but ended up with 'Pontianak'.

With one of the Actress.

The heroin. She plays two characters in this drama.
2011 Drama Team. 

P/S: Thanks Shanti for helping out with the makeup. Walaupun bukan dalam Panel BI and not in Drama Team, but she's been helping with the team for 2 years already and most of the makeup stuff pun hers juga..... Thank you, thank you.....

Emelda Shabelle

The Real Moment Of His Life: Part 3

"Otoman.... Otoman..." He still can't pronounce it properly yet, but he knows Ultraman already. I can't really remember how he get to know that cartoon character, I guess he saw it in television. Next thing I knew was, he kept on asking us to buy Ultraman toys whenever we went to Giant and most of the time, he will point at the same toys that he already have.

Not only that, whenever he saw our mobile phone, he will demand us to search for Ultraman clips on Youtube. Oh YES, he know how to go to Youtube using our phone but doesn't know how to type for U.L.T.R.A.M.A.N. At first, his daddy's phone always become his small little TV, but since his daddy's phone always run out of battery (because of frequent login to youtube), mummy have to download the clips to her phone. Believe me, he knows how to search for the clips himself. First, he'll searched for the 'gallery' icon, then he'll click to the 'tubex' folder. This is the folder where I put all the Ultraman and Upin Ipin clips. Too cleaver for his age perhaps. Even my mum got shocked when she saw this little rascal can locate all the clips easily.

So, this is 'some' of the Ultraman toys he got during our 4 days in Tawau. Meaning to say, he got his toys 4 days in a row. Luckily, it's  cheap, or else......

He really take care of his toys. He even bring them to sleep.
Even when he watch cartoon.....
The happy little boy!
Aaron and The Little Dwarf Ultraman......

P/S: Next year birthday theme will be ULTRAMAN!!! 

Emelda Shabelle

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yummy Chill CheeseCake...

I made this Chill Cheese Cake with blueberry last week. It's not a success and doesn't look nice BUT "it taste just like those cheesecake from a cake house." said hubby!

Wanna have a bite?

My not so success chill cheese cake.

Emelda Shabelle

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roasted Chicken Anyone???

Been absent from blogging due to hectic and stressful workload before holiday!!! I just managed to update my post via Facebook. 

Two days ago, I uploaded picture of My Special Roasted Chicken for dinner and I got 20 'Likes' for the picture, which I never expect when I shared the picture. Some friends requested for the recipe via PM and from the comment box. As promised,  here are the recipe that I used for the roasted whole chicken. Don't worry, it's super duper easy to get and CHEAP!!!

Ohh, by the way..... this is my first attempt making roasted 'whole chicken'. It's up to you to change the ingredients based on your 'creativeness'...    

1) Whole Chicken

2) Potatoes (cut into 4 cubes)

3) Large onion (cut into 4 cubes)

4) Chinese BBQ Sauce (Lee Kum Kee)

5) Salt & Paper

6) 2-3 Tbsp of cooking oil (depending on potatoes & large onion quantity) * You can use butter instead of cooking oil.

7) Aluminium pan 

1) Clean the chicken (of course lah bah kan. Boleh buang  tu *kointut manuk and leher tu if you don't like it).

2) Add salt & paper (termasuk dlm tu perut ayam).

3) Next, add the BBQ sauce (DO NOT cut/tear the skin! Put the sauce sampai di bawah lapisan tu kulit ayam.)

4) Marinate the chicken for 2 hours (or half day but make sure simpan di refrigerator, but NOT in the ice section ok).

5) When you are ready to roast the chicken, MAKE SURE you heat your oven to 220* for 30min first. While waiting for the oven to heat, PREPARE the potatoes & large onion. FRY the potatoes & large onion in a pan until it turn to brown. Then put aside for a while. (Jgn terlampau masak coz after this kena masuk oven together with the chicken lagi).

6) *This is optional. You can use the left over oil to fry the chicken just to make it to golden colour. (No need to cover every part of the chicken.)

7) Placed the chicken in the middle of the aluminium pan. 

8) Put the potatoes & large onion around the chicken.

9) Now, set back the oven to 220* for 30 mins and roast the chicken. You will need to roast the chicken to 1 hour and 30 mins (depending on the size of the chicken, ini pun sia main agak2 ja). BUT, NEVER set the timer straight away to 50-60 mins. I keep it roasted till 30 mins before I turned the chicken to the different side (supaya tidak hangus one side ja and to keep it JUICY & TENDER).

10) Ready to be serve. 






1) Besides potatoes, you can add carrot, leek and celery too.

P/S: I'm starving!!!!!! 

Emelda Shabelle