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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Breaking The Rules Again.....

Hi again,

Anyone on diet here? I'm suppose to start my detoxification mode for 10 days with hubby last Thursday. We actually tried it on Wednesday but sadly, I can't resist the temptation the next day. It's all because of we are celebrating Raya at school the following day. I did try my very best to tell them that I'm on DIET (detoxification to be exact), but none of them seem to understand my 'language', or maybe I am not strong enough...

So, since I have to start the detox all over again, I use this as an excuse for me to eat something that I'd been carving for .... Will start my detox mode on Monday. Chiayou!!!!


Instead of frying them, I use the none stick grill pan... 

Hubby loves this so much that he requested this for high tea as well.

Cheese anyone?

So, since some of my friends did asked me the ingredients for this sausage cheese rolls, I'm going to write what I use here. No worries, it's so easy and no unfamiliar ingredients.

Sausage Cheese Rolls
1) Bread
2) Sausages (steam or boil)
3) 1/2 eggs (depending on how many rolls you are preparing)
4) Cheese slice (divide 2 or 3 per-slice)
5) *breadcrumbs
6) *salad 
7) *ham

So, that's it. super easy right....

Ohhh... I'm using non-stick grill pan, since I'm using eggs, I did  use a liiiittleeeee  (I really mean little) oil to make sure the melted  cheese won't stick to the pan.

P/S: I really want to make chicken pie but don't know how... 

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: O.P.I Nail Lacquer...

Hi peeps,

Have any of you ever try on O.P.I nail lacquer? For me, of all the nail polishes I ever tried, this is (so far) my MOST favorite nail product. 

All those bright colours are from the Muppets Collection...

I have a few of O.P.I collections with me but most of it, I prefer to buy it in single since I don't really admire some of the colour. So far, I have the Miss Universe Collection (which has been discontinued), The Muppets Collection (not all) & New York City Ballet Collection (3 of the shade).

OPI & few Essie...
So why OPI? I fell into it at first because of the gorgeous pigmented colour. Seriously, the colours are AMAZING!!! It is so rich, high quality, and suit any age and occasion (elegant, sexy, retro, young etc).

My favorite colour; RED...
As for the application, it is super duper easy to use, glides on smoothly and nicely without air bubbles (bubbles can be really irritating).It layers beautifully and dries quickly too. I really love the nice shine on my nails!!!  

Oh, I found it really interesting on how they come out with the name selection too. In fact, the team are really creative in giving names to all their collection.  'Congeniality is my Middle name', 'Gettin' Miss Piggy With It', 'Absolutely Alice'..... It's cute right?

Simply Smashing & Sparrow me the Drama...

OPI can be a bit pricey (but then again it's WORTH IT!). It worth RM59-RM62 per bottle. I did a brief survey on the price for manicure (nail saloon) using OPI product and most of them charge RM60-RM80 for just a simple design. Off all my OPI nail lacquer, I found this one particular colour 'Swimsuit NAILED IT..', leave stain on my nail and really difficult to remove it (maybe because I forgot to put on base coat first). Ohh ya, the big applicator brush might be a 'con' too but once you practice a lot, it will turn you to pro!!!

For beginners, this might be the disadvantage. 

For me, I will absolutely 'invest' on this product and recommend you guys to try it. Who knows, if you gonna fall in love with it too...

P/S: Orders coming up soon....

** The product were purchased by my hard-earn money. I am NOT affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my opinion.

Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Collection of Nail Lacquers...

Hi there beautiful people,

If you guys really follow my blog or read the entry, you'll notice that I never write anything on nail colours. It's not that I don't like it but there are certain things that I will do (and eat too) only when I have the mood. So, this is one of it!

Just recently (this year), I started buying nail colour again. I don't know till' when but... we'll see!

So, what do I have in my collection? 

These are my babies!

O.P.I, Konad, Poshe, Elianto, Cosway, Etude House....
Miss Universe Collection, New York City Ballet Collection, The Muppets by OPI & few Essie nail lacquer.

So, you can see that I'm using wide (not really) range of nail colour's product but I love O.P.I the most (at this moment). It's kinda' expensive but, seriously it worth the price!!! Wait for my review to know 'why'...

P/S: Wish list ---> Ciate Caviar & velvet dust manicure....

** The product were purchased by my hard-earn money. I am not affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my opinion. 

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baking Class Anyone?

Hi there beautiful earthlings....

Pssttt.... Today I will reveal my secret. Just because I love to buy recipe books and love to cook, people around me always have the idea that I AM A GOOD COOK or BAKER. Well, they are wrong coz' I'm NOT!!!

For me, a gooood cook is someone who can cook ALMOST all type of food and here I am, still struggling to learn to cook Zhu Kiok!!! Yup, I did get some compliment for my beef stewed, fish curry, Sambal Ikan Masin (eksen lagi) ... but that doesn't qualified me to become a good cook yet.  Baking??? I'm using pre-mix y'all!!! What an embarrassing confession.  

I got so guilty of using premix coz I think I didn't learn anything from it. So, when I saw ads by Dezery's which emphasis on baking demo to STEP by STEP and NOT using premix, I enrolled myself to her demo class.

So, since I'm a cheese lover, I enrolled in her Chilled Strawberry Cheese Cake & Caramel Cheese Cake demo class.

These are the ingredients for Chilled Strawberry cheese cake.

After 2 hours in freezer.

Besides, I also learnt on how to bake Cheese Brownies, Chocolate Pavlova....

Chocolate Pavlova

Cheese Brownies
So, after attending the demo class, yesterday I tried making some cheese cake to be given (sponsor) to  MAS Engineering Dept (SDK) for their 'Sungkai'. Well, the looks is not as nice as the first pictures (and I really blame it on the push-up cake mould.), but most of them said it's yummy & taste like an ice-cream...

Doesn't look tempting & nice at all...
 I purposely make extra cheese cake and put it in a wine glass....

Chill Cheese cake with strawberry layer in wine glass.

Looks better ...

This is his second round!

P/S: Planning to learnt moreeeeeeee especially ice-cream!


Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A 'Home' For My Makeup...

Hi my lovely earthlings,

Sorry for being MIA (as if anyone ever bother). I have no intention to abandon my blog for this long, I have lots of things to share but yeahhhh I put the blame on my hectic life (or should I just blame it on my bad time management!!!).  

So, I am so happy (and still happy till today). I bought an ACRYLIC Makeup Organizer for myself last week. This is what I've been wanting for so long; to get a 'home' for all my makeup! You see, I have a few makeup on my table... and drawer... and my makeup box. It's everywhere!!! 

It's everywhere!!!

In my makeup box..

After months of mesmerizing The Kardashians Makeup Organizer, "O.K, that's it! I'm gonna get those for me.", I told myself. 

Tadaaa... At last!

No, I'm not using SKYNET, Thanks to Raj who willing to bring this boxes from KL-SDK...

These are the things I ordered.
OK,OK... will open the boxes for you.

4 drawer with lid with X-divider, Spindle storage Box & 24 slot lipstick holder.

Perfect for storing small items...

24 Slot Lipstick Holder

So, where did I bought this Clear Cube from? I get em' from Makeup Organizer. Besides those three items, she still have other designs too. I am glad that I ordered from her. Super fast service and for someone who can't have COD, no worry coz when I got my parcel,everything was packed nicely with bubble wrap and Styrofoam.   


1) Very high quality acrylic. 
2) Very glossy and transparent effect.

** Acrylic is subject to crazing, cracking or discoloration if brought into contact with incompatible substances.

1) 4 drawers with lid including 1 'X' divider:RM495
2) Extra X divider or 6-grid divider: RM40 each
3) 24 lipstick storage: RM40
4) Spindle Box: RM60
5) SKYNET: For SDK rm162 **Subject to change!

** A bit pricey but I think it's reasonable for those who loves their makeup so much!

P/S: Can't wait for the nail colour's rack!

**Everything mentioned and shown in this entry was purchased with my own money. I am NOT affiliated with any company or product mentioned.

Emelda Shabelle

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Call

I received a call today.
I tried to hold every piece of me
Everything seem awfully fragile
I shared my tears with just a pillow

I received a call today,
Telling things I hope all lies
I seek God to share to him
I asked for none
But a piece of mind

I received a call today
My heart bust to tears
I t can't denied
Still, I tried to hold it up.
Silence won, I lost the voice
Nothing left
But a disgrace

Emelda Shabelle

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh! Darling.......

Hi Darls.......

We went back to Penampang last week. Since our main objective was to meet our little starring, we actually spend most of our time eating and sleeping... So, when my sister told us that she wants to sing some songs for fun (she was inspired by our first "Project Tengah Malam"), we spontaneously say 'YES' and actually forgot that we don't have any 'gear' to start with our project. 


We did it!!! Everything was so spontaneous and unplanned but all of use had FUN. If I'm not mistaken, the last time I went for jamming was in 1995!!! 

My sister and I did voice recording and credit to my partner in crimes for becoming our guitarist that night.


Taaaa daaaaaaaaa... This is my 'Projek Tengah Malam 2.0'. Happy listening..... 

P/S: Stay tune for my sister, LC cover version of 'Luha'....

Emelda Shabelle

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Is The Trust?

Dear Diary....

She has secrets you'll NEVER know or understand,
She appear so strong on the outside,
But on the inside, her world is spinning upside down. 
She smiling and standing tall to the outta world,
She crying and breaking down in her inner world.

She appears so happy to her friends,
But alone, she shares her tears with the pillow.
She knows not to get her hopes up,
As they always come crushing down.
She heard it all before and felt it all.
She experienced more than her fair share.
One touch and she'll flinch.
One harsh word and she'll cry.
One bad moment and she'll break down.

She trust no one because the people she has, hurt her,
and leave her to pick up the pieces.
She believe no one because the people she has, 
Lie and betray her.
So for now she'll keep to herself,
And pretend everything is fine.
When everything is WRONG.

I know this lady, because the lady...

P/S: Behind every untrustworthy girl is a boy who taught her to be that way...

Emelda Shabelle  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Step-by-step to Desire Eyebrow.

Hi Again....

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrow is the frames of the eyes. Do you agree? Well, I do. No matter how beautiful you apply your makeup, it's still looks incomplete if the eyebrow is left unshaped. 

I am no good in shaping or defining eyebrow. Until today, I still need lots of practice on getting my desire eyebrow shape. I used to DIY my eyebrow but now I prefer to have it shape professionally.

So, here are some of the tips I compiled from beauty blog and page.

How To:
1) Select  a shape that suit you or simply follow your natural shape.
2) Pluck excess hair one by one. Your arch should line up with the outer edge of your eye and your brows should finis at an angle to the outer edge of your eyes.
3) Trim the eyebrow hairs that ad grown too long with blunted ended scissor.
4) Fill in brows with an angle brush and eyebrow colour or pencil liner.

You can use this method for basic shaping.
Click here for the instructions.

Tips on how to choose the right eyebrow shape for you.

1) Never underestimate your brows. They can make you look beautiful as well as ugly.
2) Shape it carefully.
3) Do not overtweezed.
4) Keep your brows thicker. They look sexier.  

Emelda Shabelle

P/S: How old actually it is advisable for us to tweeze our brows???? I think I started way too early. Am I?



Dear Diary....

I've been holding every inch of my sorrows with just a SMILE. I tried to cover up the sadness and disappointment with every strength that I have. In fact, I tried my best to SMILE, even when the f**kin' truth is I'm tryin' not to cry and the tears are blurring my vision. 

I tried my very best to hold my pains and I SMILE because that's the only shield I have to cover all my misery. Maybe you think I have nothing to worry, simply because I am 'HAPPY'. How I wish I can make you feels the indescribable pains inside of me. If only you have the gut to look into my eyes, you'll be surprise to see all the sadness that I'm dealing with.

Should I or should I not faking up all those SMILE again? 

P/S: Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows NOT...

Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thoughts I thought I Never Had.....

Hi peeps, 
This is what I do when I AM BORED!!!


When I was very very young,
I always had those dreams ,
to be blanket with beads of snow flacks
and feel the coldness 
of icy breeze....

When I was very very young,
I always idolized those big oceanic eyes.
Daydreaming about the 
pearly cool planet,
Envy with kids over THAT far away land,
"how lucky they are" I thought,
and still think that;
'They REALLY Are"....

When I was very very young..
I said to myself, 
"One fine day, I will...."!

And now,
When I never be that young,
When I thought all the dreams had,
Just when I'm in the midst of,
letting go...

I think I have to RE-think
~ Emelda Shabelle ~


Emelda Shabelle 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just Another Boring Sunday.....

Hi there beautiful people,

Today is just another boring Sunday. At this very moment, I'm actually watching full Malay horror movie via youtube. I just saw the full movie link last night but since it's a horror movie and it's 2AM. I don't dare to watch it alone. 

Why I'm still awake at 2:00AM? Actually I slept quite early but woke up coz I suddenly caught a fever. I don't know why, but recently I noticed that every morning around 1:00 to 5:00 A.M, I will get fever (with sore throat, runny nose and flu), really bad fever! The weird thing is, I will wake up feeling well that morning, just like today. Weird!!!

Waking up and felt hungry led me to the kitchen. Thinking of what to cook for lunch cum dinner (sometimes I cook in a large quantity so that I don't have to cook for dinner). Earlier, I saw my cousin's status on fb that she's craving for curry. Ermmmm, I got the idea. So, this is what we having today. I think I better just share what we have for the whole week. 

Chicken curry (with dried bean curd)

Chicken liver & sweet pea in Soy Sauce+Ketchup

Spicy Sator Bean with Squid

Vege for Tuesday.

Cabbage with chicken in Thai's sauce

Sayur bunga!!!!

This is some of the food we consume for this week....

P/S: Still bored!!!!

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Simple Homemade Chicken Burger


Doesn't feel like eating rice tonight. I only have two choices for dinner, either fried noodles or burger. I asked the other half which one he prefers but before he could answer my question, I already have the pictures on how and what I'm going to add on my homemade chicken burgers. 

I have no intention to buy ready made burger coz I really don't like eating those kind of food. So, I bought skinless+boneless chicken and burger's bun. Didn't spend much on this coz we still have a lot of herbs, spices,, etc at home. So, all together, I only spent about RM9 (chicken=RM7 + Burger bun= RM2) for our dinner tonight.

The process......

In case you are wondering what's the yellow cream inside the silver bowl, that's the cheezy cream (it taste exactly like those in KFC, the cheezy wedges cream). I made it myself. It's easy, you just need to buy the cheesy powder (I bought mine from Olivia). It is a must buy things if you are a cheese lover.

Eating in progress.Look at the thickness and the juicy meat!!!....

See, how simple it is. the only time consuming here is grilling the burgers. Since I'm making the meat quite thick, so I need to keep the 'fire' really slow to make sure it's completely cook but still maintaining the juicy. It's worth the waiting... 

P/S: Wanna try making vegetable burgers one fine day.

Emelda Shabelle

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friendly Vs Shy Boy

Hi peeps,

Just wanna share some videos of Aaron. 
He is actually a camera/video shy person. He doesn't like to take picture nor video. He is actually a very friendly little boy but once he saw us trying to capture his moment via camera or video, he immediately change into 'shy boy'. 

I'm sharing these two videos of him coz this is the time when he 'willing' to be 'captured' without much persuading. Thanks to 'Ultraman'!!!

This is Aaron's cover version of The Happy Song (The Smuff) and I Do by Colbie. He did ruined the songs but everything IS cute when it comes to Aaron (well at least, it works on me)...

Ohhh at this moment, this is Aaron's version of 'Sign Of Cross'... We've been teaching him to do the proper one but guess we still need to give him more time. No doubt that he needs a little-more practice to make it perfect. However, I am so so so proud of him. Lately, he will do the 'praying' ('Sign of Cross') before we went to sleep (yup, he still sleeping with us. He is our 'Aaron in the middle')..

P/S: He is fantastically adorable in our eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Emelda Shabelle

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kung Fu Chef

Hi Peeps,

This whole week can be considered as 'movie week' for me. Had downloaded movies in my hard-disk since last week and since we don't have any T&L for the whole week due to sport day, it allow me to watch movies till late midnight. 

To cut this short, I just finished watching this Cantonese Movie called 'Kung Fu Chef'. Yes, this is not the latest movie but still I found it interesting. Well who doesn't when it comes to food, especially the Chinese food.. 

Oh, actually I don't have any topic to talk about but watching the movie remind me bout' foods... Gonna share some pictures here. Beware coz some of the pictures contain non-halal food :-)

Fish Fillet & Fish Roe Curry

Chicken Mushroom

Beef stew

Zhu Kiok

Roasted Tuna

Ohhh ya.... Let's burn the fat after eating all these food.....

Emelda Shabelle

Friday, February 3, 2012

Unfriendly January......

Hi Peeps...

It's been 34 days already we're in the year 2012.. Honestly speaking, January been treating us (my self to be specific) quite bad with many loses and tragic news. Well, I'm not saying that everyday is a bad day, it just that... too much bad news than good news.

This is one of it..... 

Ohhh by the way, this is my very first time experienced flood. For 'first-timer' like me, I really thought 2012 is kinda real..... Yaiiiiiiiiii. Guess what happened the next day after the flood (9/01/12)?

This is what happened...

Oh no, this is not pictures taken somewhere in Kundasang or any highland. This is how Sandakan looked like on January 9th 2012. Once again, this is why I think Nostradamus's predictions was a little bit .......... kinda true aittttttt.

P/s: I should not think to much!!!!!

Emelda Shabelle