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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PHONEphotography; Part Pancake...

Hi all....

OK, I'm not a big fan of Pancake but it's not a reason for me to say NO for it.

This is my second time coming here (first time was a treat from Aunt Sue). Unfortunately my Phone's battery runs low during the first visit. So, basically the purpose of my second visit is to snap some pictures and try their lamb chop (Besides treating my nephew & niece).

This is the first Pancake House in KK I think. For those who love Pancakes, you might try theirs coz for me, 'some' of their pancakes do taste great. My Bad, I totally forgot to keep the bills. So you won't get any price info from me ( soooo sorry)... but for me, their price are more likely from those Secret Recipe's and Upperstar's. 

Ohhhhh, by the way Pancakes House International is located at Karamunsing. Next to Bank Islam (Ground floor). From the name, it obvious that their signature dish is 'pancake'. They also serve some Filipino's cuisine.  

Lamb Chop. 
I actually ordered their Christmas Meal Promotion. If I'm not mistaken, for a Lamb Chop, Taco, 2 slice of Pancakes and Ice Lemon Tea, it cost around RM27.++ (do correct me if I'm wrong). But for sure, it's not more than RM30. Ermmm honestly speaking, the Lamb Chop doesn't reach my expectation. 

 This Tacos comes together with the promo set.

The Tower Pancakes. Not included in promo set.
Not in the pictures are the 3 drinks (Root beer and 2 lemon tea) and 2 slice of pancakes. Altogether, I paid around RM80.++

P/S: Might come back to this place again. But for those who really in hurry or in the midst of starving. I wouldn't recommend this place coz you really need to be extra patient waiting for your food to be serve. The first time we went here, it took them about half and hour to prepare the food. The second time is worst and they are not even full house during that time!!!

Emelda Shabelle.

Where To Eat (Noodle Soup) - Strictly Non Halal!!!!


Hi all....

Jalan-Jalan Cari Mamam in Penampang is not that difficult for us. We know where to get the best Ngiu Chap in town, the best Bak Kut Teh, the reasonable Steamboat, the worst ever food and et cetera ... When I say 'The Best", I'm actually referring to MY POINT OF VIEW. So, don't blame me if we have different taste yaaa. This review is basically based on my 'taste review'.. 

So, when I want to eat 'simple yet delicious' 'PORK' noodle soup. I would definitely go for Pipin. For me, they really serve the best fresh pork soup ever ( Yeahhhh I'm being too Hyperbole here!). Seriously, I really miss Pipin food when I'm away. My hubby loves their Taufu!!! 

Briefly info about Pipin. 
Located near to Poili's House (Kalau org Penampang memang kenal siapa tu Poili). To be exact, Jalan Tomposik. It's on your right hand side if you driving towards Tambunan, approximately 3-4KM after Klinik Kesihatan Penampang. They received lot of customers, therefore most of the time you will find it's hard to get parking. But no worry, since it is a private property (stall in house premise), so basically you can just park your car anywhere as long as you're not blocking the road (narrow road). Oh, besides Pipin 1, They also open another Pipin 2 (you can get fish soup here).

Next, let the pictures tell the story.


Murah kan?

Kueh Tiau Pork Soup Kah Liau!!

Some of our orders!


Full house.....

P/S: Would like to check on Pipin 2 too ....

Emelda Shabelle

Monday, December 26, 2011

What I've Got For Christmas?

Merry X'mas Everyone....

Since I thought that I'm not getting any X'mas present this year, I decided to buy some present for myself. I've been good to myself this year and I deserved to get 'some' I think!!! So this is what I've got for myself.

Ordered this long time already, but only manage to take it 3 days before Christmas. So, this is also one of my present for Myself...
NAKED palette from Urban Decay. Ordered this together with the Ben Nye. 

I bought this as a present for myself but I'm using hubby's money to pay. So, just assume this is from him....
Bought This Orgasm by NARS using hubby's Ka-Ching too...

As I mentioned earlier, I thought that I will not gonna get any Christmas Present anymore. Reason wise are, (1) I'm "OLD" already.(2) All of us been spending a LOT of $$$ recently. (3) We had decided to give present for own family only. Meaning to say, NO EXCHANGE gift. But........ Yeepeeeeeee, I got this too....

Holika Holika Egg Soap from Beloved Mum...  Read good review bout this product and I might gonna do review on this too after 2 weeks of usage (might be).

Got this from a Santa a.k.a Aunt Suzanne. I think she bought this in Australia...

Makeup bag from Sister in Law, Flavia. 

Also got 2 set of TRIUMP from mum too. But I prefer not to show it here ....  

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 (Soon)!!!

P/S: New Year's Resolution!!!!!

Emelda Shabelle.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pinasakan Basungan Om Bambangan....

Kopivosian topbinai songovian...

Went to Donggonggon last Moday. Whenever I see Tamu, it always remind me of our late Moing and Nina. They used to be a regular visitor for Donggonggon Tamu. Last time, moing will asked one day earlier if I wanna follow them to Tamu. Sometimes, I walked to their house early in the morning, or they will fetched us at home. Once we reached Tamu, moing will go his seperate way. Well, he can't stand of our 'way' of shopping. Nina will bring us walk around the tamu for two or three times. Once she got her favorite 'stuff' (butod, karuk, liniking...), we will meet moing at his favorite coffee shop..

Oh, but there's no Tamu open on Monday! For Penampang district, the Tamu is on Thursday-Friday (massive jam around D'gon during these two days). However, when I went they last Monday, I saw some of the stalls are open and selling goods. I went to the wet market first to checked on the fishes. Only one stall selling Basung and it's RM10 for 1kg, which is quite expensive, but since it's ain't easy to get basungan nowadays and I really want to cook pinasakan, I bought 1kg of it. Besides, I also managed to get bambangan in tamu and other stuff as an ingredients.

So, here it goes....

Kuali turun-temurun ni tau....

Bambangan + Air asam jawa.

In the pan.... another 5 minutes then it is ready...

Ready to eat....

So, I'm sharing the recipe here. Hope you like it.


1) Garlic
2) Onion
3) dried chili
4) Bambangan (sour fruit found in Borneo)
5) tumeric 1cm
6) tamarind puree  ( adding extra sour to the soup)
7) Tumeric leave (optional)
8) Asam keping or takob bakob (optional)
9) water (depend on the quantity of the fish. just enough to make a little soup, after all it is called 'Pinasakan').
10) salt
11) Oil (1 teaspoon)


12) Freshwater fish. ( Usually, we use basung or talapia)...

How to:
- Use just a little oil to fry the garlic, onion, tumeric, dried chili. (until golden). Then, asam keping.
-  Put in the fish + Tamarind puree + water.
- Add in sliced bambangan + tamarind leave (or you can put the tamarind leave on your pot before you start your cooking. Using this technique, you don't need to fry the ingredients).
- Some salt.
- Ready to serve.

- Best to eat with steam rice or 'nantung'/'ambuyat' (sticky starch).
- Can be eaten until the next day and the taste get better....

Whenever I miss my late grandma's cooking, I will cook this pinasakan. :-) 

Emelda Shabelle. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lamai Pisompuuvan Paganakan Sitayun Dagul-Lojuntim Molijung


December seem a very busy month for our family. Last Sunday, we having our Sitayun Dagul-Lojuntim Molinjung family gathering at Dowish Seafood Restaurant. Meeting after meetings and finally the day comes. All families dressed in colour code attire to make it easier to identify which family we are from. Well, the parents have no problems to identified their cousins (1st cousins) but for the youngsters, I bet some of us barely known each other, especially the third generation. So, this is a very good reason to do this gathering once in every two years right? :-)

Family came all the way from Senegal, Melbourne, Penang, Labuan, Keningau and etc... I think the last time we had our super big gathering is during my late great-grandpa, Mr Sitayun birthday party on 1998 (if I'm not mistaken). I think I was in form 5 during those time.

So, after so many years..... this is the gathering pictures....

The backdrop...

The guest book...

The family signing the guest book..

The family signing the guestbook...

The Sitayun's daughter.

Ribbon cutting Ceremony

Mr David (chairman) presenting a memento...

From left: Mr David Jendili, Mdm Neusi Sitayun, Mr George Jendili (Family of the late Miuzie Sitayun), Mdm Rosalie Sitayun, Ms Doris Basat (Family of the late Noise Sitayun),
Harin George (Family of the late George Sitayun)Annie Loini Sitayun. 

The prayer by Mr Benjamin Tan

The green between the purple...

Mdm Rosalie's family

OK, let's eat...

Makan time...

Are you the lucky one??

Some of the hampers for lucky draw.

Karaoke dazanak...

Lucky draw..

Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw...

Lucky Draw..

Children Karaoke Competition.
Children Karaoke Competition..

Let's Sumazau....


Happy faces.....

Let's do the Sumazau....

Open Karaoke....

The Great Grandma and their Great Grandchildren.

P/S: Would like to thank all Paganakan Sitayun Dagul-Lojuntim    Molijung for all the co-operation.... Kalau ada rezeki, boleh buat tiap tahun..... Hehehhehe..

Emelda Shabelle.