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Friday, October 7, 2011

From My Little Kitchen With Love [Part 4]

Been so long since my last post on FooD. I've been avoiding cooking lately coz I notice that I tend to eat a lot whenever I cook my own dishes.

Oh, I had moved out from my previous house (government quarters) and now staying at a much proper house. It's kinda sad coz been living there almost 2 years and the house actually the biggest government house that I ever been so far. Big living room with build in cabinet, 3 big rooms with build-in cabinet too and the best part is, I love the big kitchen with build-in cabinet too...

Now, the place I'm staying have really 'tiny' kitchen space. I couldn't even move freely. It makes me hate to go to the kitchen. I am not so sure whether this is good or bad news? Finally, I don't have to cook (Yaiiiii, can control my food intake) but eating out is not healthy habit too coz we never know how hygienic it is.

So, this is my last home cooking prepared in my 'used to be little kitchen'. After this, it gonna be from my little TINY kitchen...

Baby Kailan with garlic.

Baby kailan with shrimp.
Ikan Putih bersos Taucu manis...
Crabs in Asam Pedas Style (with pineapple)
Sambal Sotong Petai...
Soft Bean curd with taucu...
Steam fish (Ikan Putih) with soy sauce and ginger.
Steam Fish with ginger.

Vegetable with oyster sauce.

Emelda Shabelle

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