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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: O.P.I Nail Lacquer...

Hi peeps,

Have any of you ever try on O.P.I nail lacquer? For me, of all the nail polishes I ever tried, this is (so far) my MOST favorite nail product. 

All those bright colours are from the Muppets Collection...

I have a few of O.P.I collections with me but most of it, I prefer to buy it in single since I don't really admire some of the colour. So far, I have the Miss Universe Collection (which has been discontinued), The Muppets Collection (not all) & New York City Ballet Collection (3 of the shade).

OPI & few Essie...
So why OPI? I fell into it at first because of the gorgeous pigmented colour. Seriously, the colours are AMAZING!!! It is so rich, high quality, and suit any age and occasion (elegant, sexy, retro, young etc).

My favorite colour; RED...
As for the application, it is super duper easy to use, glides on smoothly and nicely without air bubbles (bubbles can be really irritating).It layers beautifully and dries quickly too. I really love the nice shine on my nails!!!  

Oh, I found it really interesting on how they come out with the name selection too. In fact, the team are really creative in giving names to all their collection.  'Congeniality is my Middle name', 'Gettin' Miss Piggy With It', 'Absolutely Alice'..... It's cute right?

Simply Smashing & Sparrow me the Drama...

OPI can be a bit pricey (but then again it's WORTH IT!). It worth RM59-RM62 per bottle. I did a brief survey on the price for manicure (nail saloon) using OPI product and most of them charge RM60-RM80 for just a simple design. Off all my OPI nail lacquer, I found this one particular colour 'Swimsuit NAILED IT..', leave stain on my nail and really difficult to remove it (maybe because I forgot to put on base coat first). Ohh ya, the big applicator brush might be a 'con' too but once you practice a lot, it will turn you to pro!!!

For beginners, this might be the disadvantage. 

For me, I will absolutely 'invest' on this product and recommend you guys to try it. Who knows, if you gonna fall in love with it too...

P/S: Orders coming up soon....

** The product were purchased by my hard-earn money. I am NOT affiliated with this company and review stated are based on my opinion.

Emelda Shabelle


  1. Mel,u will get cheaper OPI online from :)

  2. Hi Dyana... how much they selling. I got mine from supplier... But hv to wait for it for 2-3 weeks coz it was ordered straight from US.

  3. I checked already the website. Iya, sama macam price yg tu supplier bg saya. cuma yg supplier saya tu kena tunggu 2-3 weeks for shipping from US. I ordered dotting tools tadi :), thanks for sharing the link.

  4. ok i tot nailfiesta is cheaper.but at least easier kan coz this nailfiesta based on malaysia. :) if nail tools sinang dpt dkat e-noveal.sama harga with nailfiesta jg but much more choices sana e-noveal

  5. hey hey first time here :D

    i wasnt really keen with opi's big applicator at first but once i got the gist of using it, i find it easier than some of the nail polishes ive been using i.e revlon....i have just tried china glaze from its safari collection 2012. not bad also...but of all the nail lacquers ive tried, i super love Dior's the best. The brush tip is oval shaped for easier application especially near the cuticle. It dries fast as well. But the set backs are it's pricey (RM70/ea) and has limited color selection.

    and say yes to! my fav online store to purchase nail polishes :)

  6. Hi Chegu,

    Never try Dior yet but yeahh I read your review and I will put it on my wishlist.. I tried Chanel but I don't really love it.

    Ya, I just bought CG and some tools n OPI from nailfiesta. I found that CG Electric Pineapple and OPI Did it on em' hv the same shade...

    Bdw, saw ur FF group... will join it once Im getting good with the techniques.... still can't get the right way on water marbling...

    1. I've been neglecting my FF for few weeks now. Will resume soon. I can pretty much say that water marbling is one of my nail art trait besides gradient/ombre.

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