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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friendly Vs Shy Boy

Hi peeps,

Just wanna share some videos of Aaron. 
He is actually a camera/video shy person. He doesn't like to take picture nor video. He is actually a very friendly little boy but once he saw us trying to capture his moment via camera or video, he immediately change into 'shy boy'. 

I'm sharing these two videos of him coz this is the time when he 'willing' to be 'captured' without much persuading. Thanks to 'Ultraman'!!!

This is Aaron's cover version of The Happy Song (The Smuff) and I Do by Colbie. He did ruined the songs but everything IS cute when it comes to Aaron (well at least, it works on me)...

Ohhh at this moment, this is Aaron's version of 'Sign Of Cross'... We've been teaching him to do the proper one but guess we still need to give him more time. No doubt that he needs a little-more practice to make it perfect. However, I am so so so proud of him. Lately, he will do the 'praying' ('Sign of Cross') before we went to sleep (yup, he still sleeping with us. He is our 'Aaron in the middle')..

P/S: He is fantastically adorable in our eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Emelda Shabelle


  1. dui B, cutenya si Aaron..hehe, pndi dia i do-i do oh..
    haha, cepat dia mo kasi amen o.
    napa gia suara ko tu, garang no bogia..heheh

  2. Garang suara sy sini kan. lain bah suara sy kalau dlm video....

  3. so cute and adorable...blum lgi dpt main2 sma c aaron..nmpk dari jauh ja time wed ko...mau panggil dia ,malu2 lgi dia...hehehe..