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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Step-by-step to Desire Eyebrow.

Hi Again....

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrow is the frames of the eyes. Do you agree? Well, I do. No matter how beautiful you apply your makeup, it's still looks incomplete if the eyebrow is left unshaped. 

I am no good in shaping or defining eyebrow. Until today, I still need lots of practice on getting my desire eyebrow shape. I used to DIY my eyebrow but now I prefer to have it shape professionally.

So, here are some of the tips I compiled from beauty blog and page.

How To:
1) Select  a shape that suit you or simply follow your natural shape.
2) Pluck excess hair one by one. Your arch should line up with the outer edge of your eye and your brows should finis at an angle to the outer edge of your eyes.
3) Trim the eyebrow hairs that ad grown too long with blunted ended scissor.
4) Fill in brows with an angle brush and eyebrow colour or pencil liner.

You can use this method for basic shaping.
Click here for the instructions.

Tips on how to choose the right eyebrow shape for you.

1) Never underestimate your brows. They can make you look beautiful as well as ugly.
2) Shape it carefully.
3) Do not overtweezed.
4) Keep your brows thicker. They look sexier.  

Emelda Shabelle

P/S: How old actually it is advisable for us to tweeze our brows???? I think I started way too early. Am I?



  1. eh inda pandai saya ikut cara yg betul ni cabut bulu kening..main antam saja..heheh

  2. Kay, sama lah bah. sia pun x ikut yg style di atas tu. macam terror sdh kunun ni, terus main cabut suka hati.