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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Breaking The Rules Again.....

Hi again,

Anyone on diet here? I'm suppose to start my detoxification mode for 10 days with hubby last Thursday. We actually tried it on Wednesday but sadly, I can't resist the temptation the next day. It's all because of we are celebrating Raya at school the following day. I did try my very best to tell them that I'm on DIET (detoxification to be exact), but none of them seem to understand my 'language', or maybe I am not strong enough...

So, since I have to start the detox all over again, I use this as an excuse for me to eat something that I'd been carving for .... Will start my detox mode on Monday. Chiayou!!!!


Instead of frying them, I use the none stick grill pan... 

Hubby loves this so much that he requested this for high tea as well.

Cheese anyone?

So, since some of my friends did asked me the ingredients for this sausage cheese rolls, I'm going to write what I use here. No worries, it's so easy and no unfamiliar ingredients.

Sausage Cheese Rolls
1) Bread
2) Sausages (steam or boil)
3) 1/2 eggs (depending on how many rolls you are preparing)
4) Cheese slice (divide 2 or 3 per-slice)
5) *breadcrumbs
6) *salad 
7) *ham

So, that's it. super easy right....

Ohhh... I'm using non-stick grill pan, since I'm using eggs, I did  use a liiiittleeeee  (I really mean little) oil to make sure the melted  cheese won't stick to the pan.

P/S: I really want to make chicken pie but don't know how... 

Emelda Shabelle

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