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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baking Class Anyone?

Hi there beautiful earthlings....

Pssttt.... Today I will reveal my secret. Just because I love to buy recipe books and love to cook, people around me always have the idea that I AM A GOOD COOK or BAKER. Well, they are wrong coz' I'm NOT!!!

For me, a gooood cook is someone who can cook ALMOST all type of food and here I am, still struggling to learn to cook Zhu Kiok!!! Yup, I did get some compliment for my beef stewed, fish curry, Sambal Ikan Masin (eksen lagi) ... but that doesn't qualified me to become a good cook yet.  Baking??? I'm using pre-mix y'all!!! What an embarrassing confession.  

I got so guilty of using premix coz I think I didn't learn anything from it. So, when I saw ads by Dezery's which emphasis on baking demo to STEP by STEP and NOT using premix, I enrolled myself to her demo class.

So, since I'm a cheese lover, I enrolled in her Chilled Strawberry Cheese Cake & Caramel Cheese Cake demo class.

These are the ingredients for Chilled Strawberry cheese cake.

After 2 hours in freezer.

Besides, I also learnt on how to bake Cheese Brownies, Chocolate Pavlova....

Chocolate Pavlova

Cheese Brownies
So, after attending the demo class, yesterday I tried making some cheese cake to be given (sponsor) to  MAS Engineering Dept (SDK) for their 'Sungkai'. Well, the looks is not as nice as the first pictures (and I really blame it on the push-up cake mould.), but most of them said it's yummy & taste like an ice-cream...

Doesn't look tempting & nice at all...
 I purposely make extra cheese cake and put it in a wine glass....

Chill Cheese cake with strawberry layer in wine glass.

Looks better ...

This is his second round!

P/S: Planning to learnt moreeeeeeee especially ice-cream!


Emelda Shabelle

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