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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PERFORMANCE DRINK SHAKLEE; Sesuaikah untuk PREGGY mum??? (Testimoni)

Being pregnant sometimes can be very challenging. For me, I felt fatigue most of the time (my first trimester). I guess most of preggy mum experiencing the same thing.... However, my main problem during my 2nd trimester is that I felt dehydrated most of he time. So, when I asked around and checked from Mr.Google... I found out that Performance Drink can be consume by preggy mum and it's safe... Well, it's quite scary to take our health for granted especially when we are eating for two.. so, I make sure what goes in the system must be safe for the little one. That's for sure!!!

So, after few months of no workout at all, hubby & I decided to have a 'visit' at the gym.. I have to begged hubby to let me do some workout and I promised him that I am not gonna do anything that involve my back and abs... So, before I start my cardio, I drank my PD to keep me hydrated, at least my throat doesn't feel dry. To my surprise, I actually completed my fast walking on treadmill for 55 minutes without feeling any thirst at all.. PD actually gave me energy and keep me hydrated, WOW!!!

So, right after I completed my workout, I drank ESP (Protein) drink to avoid DOMS after months of no workout... 

To be fair, let's check out what my friend got to say ....

P/S: Pictures was taken when I was 5 months preggy. Besides Performance Drink, I also consume Full Preggy Set from Shaklee. (Shaklee Pregnancy Supplement)

So, if you mommies are worry or feeling hesitate to take Shaklee supplement during pregnancy, it's ok. You can PM/Whatapp/Call me for any inquiry or advice...


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