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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Shaklee Difference:

”The science of natural sustained release” vitamin C was first invented by Shaklee. Each tablet of its Vitamin C contain 7.5 serving of whole fruit including skin (500mg) and release 1.5 fruit’s vitamin C into our body every hour. Clinical studies had proven that the vitamin C in 2 tablets of Shaklee Vitamin C (gap of 5 hours) can stay in our blood plasma for 24 hours.

Each table contains 125mg of bioflavonoid (25% bioflavonoid, extracted from fruit skin) which is also called as Vitamin C Complex. It has the ability to increase the effectiveness of Vitamin C in our body, alleviate inflammation and fight bacterial infection and free radicals.

Key Benefits:

Ø  Forms Collagen – Stimulates the formation of collagen. Collagen is the basic compound of muscles, tissues, gum, skeleton and cartilage. Therefore, it can improve wrinkles and prevent flabby muscles.

Ø  Improve Bleeding Symptoms – Lack of vitamin C is the possible cause of bleeding gum, skin bruises, burn, slow wound recovery, dry skin, rash and rough skin.

Ø  Increase Immune System – Build healthy red blood cells for better iron absorption, helps white blood cells to fight bacteria and germs, strengthens immune system, improves allergies of nose and skin, asthma. Also shorten the recovery time and minimize symptoms of flu and cold.

Ø  Fight Cancer – It is a powerful anti-oxidant, can increase natural interferon in our body and stimulates T-cells production to fight cancer cells and remove harmful chemical substances from our body effectively. It is also able to eliminate free radicals before they attack our cells.

Ø  Beautify Skin – Consume Vitamin C everyday for fairer skin, delay ageing, and suppress the formation of pigment. Pigment is the main cause of forming freckles.

Ø  Improve Insomnia – It improves insomnia, stress and mental related problems such as anxiety.

Ø  Maintain Healthy Cholesterol – It can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, keeps healthy blood capillary, prevents arteriosclerosis, thrombus, prevents internal bleeding nose bleeding cerebral haemorrhage and scurvy.


1 cigarette can destroy 50-100mg of vitamin C

Anxiety will speed up the depletion of vitamin C

Contraceptive and pain killer will deplete substantial amount of vitamin C

Over dosage of vitamin C (more than 12 capsules) will cause slight diarrhoea.

Do You Know?

Animals can produce their own vitamin C e.g. rabbit can produce 18,000mg (18g) of vitamin C whereas human body is unable to produce vitamin C. Moreover, vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which continually loosing from our body. Therefore, it is necessary to take vitamin C every day. Vitamin C has no toxicity effect.

The studies by Dr. James Scala have shown that it is safe to consume 5,000mg (10 tablets) to 10,000mg (20 tablets) Vitamin C a day. Dr. Pauling, who discovered Vitamin C, took 18g (18,000mg) a day was physically healthy even at the age of 94.

 Sufficient Vitamin C from Fruit?

Each serving of fruit provides approximately 45-60mg of vitamin C. Fruit produces complete vitamin C in 10 days after the fruit is ripe. Therefore, fruit which is not ripe contains only very little vitamin C. The vitamin C in fruit will reduce to half once it is plucked and destroy when exposed to heat.

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