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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Extracted from non-GMO organic soybean, each capsule contains 530mg soy lecithin including 80mg of choline and 48mg of inositol. Lecithin secreted by the body will produce acetyl-choline, inositol, phosphorus and unsaturated fatty acid. 

Key Benefits:

Ø  Absorbs Fat-soluble Vitamins – Aids our body in absorbing fat-soluble vitamin A, D, E and K.

Ø  Protects Liver – Prevents deposit of fats in liver, cirrhosis of the liver and fatty liver. Also helps in restoring liver health.

Ø  Breakdowns Fats and Cholesterol – Lecithin is like the “cleaner” of blood vessel, additional consumption helps in emulsifying and metabolizing fat, cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

Ø  Slimming – Prevent obesity. Consume in large quantity to accelerate the burning of fat for a balanced slimming effect.

Ø  Beautify Muscles and Skin – Forms cell membranes keep skin moisturized and subtle for beautiful skin, activates cell metabolism and delay ageing.

Ø  Improves allergies – Prevents blood platelet activating substance from coiling the tissues in blood vessel, thus improving allergies such as skin disease-dermatitis, hay fever.

Ø  Prevents Gallstones – 90% of gallstones were formed by cholesterol, lecithin emulsify the excess cholesterol to prevent the formation of gallstones.

Ø  Improves Memory and Eases Stress – Contains choline which develops transmitter for cranial nerve to increase learning power, improve memory, prevent Alzheimer and ease stress. Pregnant ladies should take adequate amount of lecithin for foetus to grow healthy cells.

Ø  Prevents High Blood Pressure – Improves high blood pressure by preventing arteriosclerosis and promoting blood circulation.

Ø  Improves Men’s Prostate – Studies have proven that men’s prostate and urethra problems can be improved by consuming large quality of lecithin.

Ø  Eases Constipation – Lecithin is the most effective stool softener, it moisturize the colon and disintegrate toxins in colon.


For health maintenance: 2 times daily, 3 capsules each time (before or after mean)

For sliming, high blood pressure, breakdown fat: 2-3 times daily, 6 capsules each time (before or after meal)

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