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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Shaklee Difference: 

The greatest discovery and invention in immunology

Interferon wad first discovered by an immunology named Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima of Tokyo University in 1954. After 40 years of research and reviewed thousands of compounds and more than 200 different kind of herbs, Dr. Kojima successfully developed the only natural interferon i.e.Nutriferon. He had established that the extract of 4 plants; namely pumpkin seeds, Safflower flowers, Japanese Honeysuckle and Plantago seeds;have the ability to prompt our body’s own production of natural interferon. His unique yet natural formula is safe, pure and effective. His discovery and invention had been recognized as the biggest breakthrough in immunology.

Nutriferon is Shaklee Exclusive Patentedd Formula and not sold in stores. It is available only through Shaklee.


We remove millions of germs and pathogenic bacteria contracted through touching, breathing and food every day. Interferon is the immune system at the forefront to guard against any intrusion. This natural protein protects our body by increasing our immune responses to fight against viruses, germs and microbes.

Nutriferon is named as this protein interfere any bacteria and virus. Interferon is a protein produced by cells when viruses invade them. It is released into the bloodstream or intercellular fluid to induce healthy cells to manufacture an enzyme that counters the infection.

In medical field, interferon injection is used to treat and improve hepatitis, cancer, hydrophobia, herpes and HIV etc. Moreover, it has been proven that interferon is able to protect us effectively from influenza and diseases.

Key Benefits:

Ø  Strengthen Immune System In 3 Days – It is the only natural interferon in the world. Studies have shown that interferon is able to stimulate and enhance body’s overall immune system by calling the natural killer in the body to action: T-cells, B-cells and macrophage.

Ø  Fights Cancer & Tumor – Natural interferon contains active polysaccharide that stimulates and activates the immunoglobulin to fight against tumor and cancel cells. Also, it can minimize discomfort during chemotherapy treatment.

Ø  Protests against influenza – It balances immune responses to allergies of environment and air pollution, effectively protects against harms by various viruses, microbes, which include cold, flu, allergies, inflammation and influenza.

Ø  Eases Stress & Lethargy – Eases harms caused by anxiety, stress, lethargy and hectic lifestyle.

Ø  Delays ageing – The unique formula of Nutriferon ® stimulates the production of macrophage in order to reduce free radicals, viruses and gems rapidly. Hence, cells become healtier.

Ø  Reduces Infections By Hepatitis B & C Patients– The efficacy of Nutriferon ® in combating viruses can reduces the infections and minimize any discomforts, for instance, bloating, nausea, vomit of Hepatitis B &C patients.

Ø  Improves Menopause – Hypertension, high cholesterol, blood circulation and other various problems arise from menopause can be improved.

Ø  Improves PMS – Clinically proven to improve symptoms caused by imbalance endocrine system. i.e. menstrual cramps, backache, tender breasts, acne, anxiety, insomnia and mood swing.


For health maintenance: 1 sachet a day (pours into mouth directly or mixes with any cold or hot drink anytime)

During treatment of influenza and cancer: 2-3 sachets a day. Best consume with Vitamin C

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