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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PHONEphotography; Part Pancake...

Hi all....

OK, I'm not a big fan of Pancake but it's not a reason for me to say NO for it.

This is my second time coming here (first time was a treat from Aunt Sue). Unfortunately my Phone's battery runs low during the first visit. So, basically the purpose of my second visit is to snap some pictures and try their lamb chop (Besides treating my nephew & niece).

This is the first Pancake House in KK I think. For those who love Pancakes, you might try theirs coz for me, 'some' of their pancakes do taste great. My Bad, I totally forgot to keep the bills. So you won't get any price info from me ( soooo sorry)... but for me, their price are more likely from those Secret Recipe's and Upperstar's. 

Ohhhhh, by the way Pancakes House International is located at Karamunsing. Next to Bank Islam (Ground floor). From the name, it obvious that their signature dish is 'pancake'. They also serve some Filipino's cuisine.  

Lamb Chop. 
I actually ordered their Christmas Meal Promotion. If I'm not mistaken, for a Lamb Chop, Taco, 2 slice of Pancakes and Ice Lemon Tea, it cost around RM27.++ (do correct me if I'm wrong). But for sure, it's not more than RM30. Ermmm honestly speaking, the Lamb Chop doesn't reach my expectation. 

 This Tacos comes together with the promo set.

The Tower Pancakes. Not included in promo set.
Not in the pictures are the 3 drinks (Root beer and 2 lemon tea) and 2 slice of pancakes. Altogether, I paid around RM80.++

P/S: Might come back to this place again. But for those who really in hurry or in the midst of starving. I wouldn't recommend this place coz you really need to be extra patient waiting for your food to be serve. The first time we went here, it took them about half and hour to prepare the food. The second time is worst and they are not even full house during that time!!!

Emelda Shabelle.


  1. wah..looks interesting.nnt sy try :))

  2. The 'look' mmg interesting... nanti ko try lah ah. then, tell me which is better. Antara Secret Recipe, Upperstar and this one (Little Italy x termasuk sbb price jauh beza).