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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Very 1st Post for 2012....

Happy New Year all...

My very first post for 2012 took me 4 days to update. At first, I'm thinking of summarizing my 2011 and lessons I had learnt during all those time. However..... I make up my mind and might talk about that on my next post. 

So, today is my first day of working for the year 2012. After 2 years of not holding any post as form teacher, suddenly they gave me the trust to 'handle' form 3E (Wow... at last they gave me form 3 class)... I should be grateful coz it ain't easy to teach SPM students. By the way, first day of working is so damn boring!!!

Owhhhh... Wanna share to you guys my first craft project for the year 2012. I made my first Tutu Dress ever.... Yup, you got me right, it's a TUTU Dress. Suddenly I have the passion to do it and I appointed my little niece to become the model and she was more than happy coz automatically, she will own that dress.

My first tutu dress is a no-sew project. I'm planning to make more in future and now I'm in the making of my second tutu skirt. 

My Cute Little Model....

4 in 1 Tutu Dress

Model Wanna Be (Please IGNORE the one in pink dress!!!)

P/s: Thinking of Tutu Theme for Aaron's Next Birthday!!!

Emelda Shabelle

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