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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Crazy Hectic 2 Week!!!!

Hi Readers,

Sorry for being M.I.A for almost 2 weeks I think... Been really busy preparing for our Wedding Anniversary Reception (yup, you got it right, it's Wedding Anniversary Reception).

Oh My Goshhhh... I tell you, it was indeed a super duper crazy hectic 2 weeks I ever had in my life. Well, served me right, this is what I deserved for doing things last minute. 

Yup, literally it meant 'last minute' but I'd been preparing for this for almost 5 months. The thing is, the event was held in Penampang, BUT I'm working and stay in Sandakan. So it is almost impossible for me to fly SDK-BKI every week.  Luckily, I already booked the KDCA and our wedding decorater so we don't have to be worried bout' that much. 

Well, I thought everything gonna be just fine at first. I had booked with one bridal house to in-charge on the pictures , album, frames and the attire. Guess what, this bridal house is a scam!!! They charge almost 5K for NOT WORTH IT services. Just because of this bridal house, I have to run here and there to settle out things by myself. I canceled their album and attire for the event but have to go with 'The So-Called RM700 20x40 frame' coz we don't have time to re-photoshoot with different bridal house. Ohh, did I told you guys that my hubby was SuPer DuPer BuSy too during those time. He was posted for 1 week in Tawau and me,myself and I have to deal with everything (luckily we can video call). Actually, I'm not blaming my hubby for being far too. I know he have to work and I am very clear with that. In fact, I'm happy that he put all the trust in me to organize EVERYTHING and it actually motivates me to do my very best to surprise him when he's back (which I think he did)!

So, basically this is actually what I did during my last 2 weeks before the event. Photoshot, choose picture for the frame. Hunting for invitation card, doorgift, follow up with the decoration, Malay caterer, chinese food caterer, my dessert table, wedding cakes, photographer, videographer, live band, emcee, table signage, table centerpiece, my evening gown, makeup artist...

Yup, that is how busy I was. But of all of the hassle and stressful day, I still managed to DIY my 30 pcs table centerpiece for all my guest table and our VVIP table with the help of mum. I guess everybody love the centerpiece coz after the event ended, everything gone. I believe that people won't took it unless it attracted them, and for me, it was a gift for them for being super duper 'sporting' during the night...

You RAWK guys......

My 'still on progress' guest table centerpiece

* Stay tune for my next post...

P/s: Hope to do everything DIY by me for the next event.

Emelda Shabelle

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