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Friday, December 16, 2011


Hi peeps...

I keep on procrastinate to write about this entry. It's not because I'm running out of idea. In fact, I have lot of things to write about what's happening lately.

On my previous entry, I did wrote about my preparation for my Wedding Anniversary Reception. For those who in my facebook friend list, I guess most of you had seen the pictures already right? No worry fella, I will post some pictures for those who haven't see it yet.

Ohhh ya, It's been 2 weeks already since our big day. Until yesterday, I still received compliments from F&F (Family and Friends) on the event. Thank you so much and I'm glad that all of you love it so much. 


Moroccon + Fairy Wedding theme had been my dream since I know the meaning of 'wedding'. So, when we have the chance to fulfill our dream 'again', my hubby gave me 100% trust to handle on the theme decoration (he knew that I have passion on this 'career'). So, everything on the decoration inspired by me and with the help of Conny (the wedding event planner), I achieved 98% of my dream theme.

Why 98% ???


Hubby & me had always wanted to have a super 'grand' wedding. When we talk about 'grand wedding', automatically we think about having an event do in a super 'grand' hotel. Don't we?  Yes, Hotel is the first choice BUT after attending quite a lot of wedding in hotels, We still think that it's not enough. The 'setting' might be grand but the 'feeling' of 'grandness' is less. It's too 'FORMAL' and felt like too 'in control'. 

We want our guest to feel like at 'HOME'. We want our guest to be freely walking around 'socializing' with all F&F without all the 'PROTOCOL' (for me, sitting in a numbered table is 'protocol' kinda thing) and being too 'formal' by just sitting still and getting served by 'unknown' fella.In a very simple words, we want a 'Kampong' style which is 'buffet style' where all our guest can get anything they want without feeling 'have to control'.

However, we still want them to feel comfortable and special. Without any doubt, we decided to do it in KDCA. Why KDCA?  (will post about this on my next entry).

This is where I really put all my effort to change the entire setting to 'HOTEL' look a like and this is where I get 98% ONLY and not 100%. We really emphasis on EVERYTHING, but MOSTLY on the hall decoration/theme to make all our family, friends and guest 'imagining' and feel like they're in a Hotel (or Morocco, or Fairy land perhaps).

My first idea is to cover ALL the hall ceiling which is impossible to do coz the hall is too big and the decoration might fall off. I also planned to put chandelier right in the middle of the hall. This cannot be fulfilled too (same reason with the first one). So, now you know why it's only 98% achieved.

But whatever it is, I'm really glad that EVERYTHING went perfectly wonderful. 

Even though I didn't get my chandelier at the hall, but at least I got this small crystal chandelier at the entrance hall. (pic by Adi)

My modern English Arch & 90 feet red carpet with 4 feet brand new pillar with lots of fairy light! I LOVE .. (pic by Audrey Masudal)

30pcs guest table Fully covered with table cloths and chair cover. 30pcs table centerpiece done by ME & MY MUM & table signage for every table. (pic by Audrey Masudal)

I don't get my chandelier, but I got this deco. Ermmm looks like AVATAR!!!

The entrance. We requested for 'I DO' by Colby during the entrance and my little cousin and nieces do the catwalk as our surprise entrance. (pic by Marcella Doit) 

Our shadow (pic by Kenny Gon)

 'Thank you' guys ... (pic by Adi)

I still have the cake. Would you like to have some? (pic by Adi)

Emcee told him to kiss the forehead but he kiss the lips instead!! (pic by Adi)

La la-la-la-la-la, sing the happy song... (pic by Adi)

This is how it look like from afar...(Pic by ?)

The first dance. I love this pic too. (pic by Moenes Jendili)
Since we having 'Moroccon' theme, at least Belly dance would make the night a little bit Arabic?        
(Pic by Adi)
Dance performance SPONSORED by Uncle David who is in Senegal,Africa during the event. He can't make it for this event. Thank you so much. Wow felt like celebrity!!! (pic by Adi)

This is our dance floor!!!!!! 

All the sporting parents!!! (pic by Kenny Gon)

Why are we laughing? (pic by Adi)

The parents with the kids!!!!

Pic by Kenny Gon

Speechless... (Pic by Kenny Gon)

If only my late grandma were here to celebrate our big big big day together with us ( I know you're always here with us). This is actually her 'wish' too before she left us last year.  This is especially dedicated to My beloved nina, the late Miuzie Sitayun. My beloved moing, the late Mr. Jendili Motius  and also my late parent-in-law Mr. & Mrs John Willon Kinajil.

P/S: A very big thank you to all my family for helping us to make our dream comes true (words can't really express how thankful we are for everything you guys did for us). Thank you to all relatives and friends for making our event a success. You guys RAWK and WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.... 

Emelda Shabelle

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