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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Glamour TAPI Sopan... (Glamour ker...)

I'm so jealous with my friends, saw their Annual Dinner pictures and I was like "What, is that their school Annual Dinner?", "How come they can dress up according to the theme WITHOUT any objection from the 'others'?", "How come their dinner are so happening and people are so sporting!".... Too many hows & whys! Oh yes, I'm really curious and eager to know how they can handle the 'party' so  well without getting 'eye-rolling' from those conservative people (sorry, my bad).

Okay talking bout' our Annual Dinner. For me, this is my 3rd year Annual Dinner as a 'family' in this organisation BUT this is also the FIRST time I really join it. I went back to KK during the first dinner. The second time, I'm not interested in joining it coz for some reason, they changed it to Annual LUNCH, what makes it worst is, they having steamboat for the lunch. So, 'foreseeing' of the heat and the stressful moment, I made a decision for NOT TO JOIN IT.

So, for the first time in my 3 years with 'mi familia', finally I made my way to the dinner. I guess by now you already knew the theme right... Exactly... Glamour ker??? Well, it's you to decide. 

Emelda Shabelle


  1. bgs lg kamu ada dinner.saya tada.glamer jg ba if compare with daily attire pun terang jg so bolela glamer.oh..ya buka sdh tu etude ada discount 30% lg.hehe

  2. hehe aku & ah kong mcm lau po & lau kong yg tgh bergadu oooo