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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Second Last Big Occasion Before...

Wow, This is my third update in a day!!! So you can have the idea how super busy we are for the past 3 weeks (the whole year actually)!!! Thank God, the week finally over... You don't have any idea how busy is busy until you are in 'our' shoe. 

This is our second last big occasion in school before school holiday. Meaning to say, we still have one occasion coming soon.

Ok. last 2 weeks ago is a hectic. Not only for me, but most of the staff too. Paper marking, P&P, key in marks in saps, meetings, collecting data for MAC/HUPH, compiling programme books for MAC, stayed back for drama practice, rehearsal for HUPH, makeup for drama team for MAC, headcount and courses (everything in 2 weeks, imagine our work descriptions for 1 whole year).

Well, just wanna share one of our job in school (who says that we just have to teach?). Multi-tasking, yes we are!!!

The boys!!!
The Before & Pre-After Makeover
I like putting makeup on him. No complain at all... Senyum ja dia...

The Second Ghost...He wanted to be the 'Handsome' Ghost! (adakah hantu Handsome?).

The Third Ghost. The Devils..

He is our Hell-Boy During Inter-school Drama Competition. 

The Ghost with The Undertaker.

The happy kids....

The 'Old' Undertaker. Last-minute role for them as the original actor can't make it.

He wanted to become Dracula but ended up with 'Pontianak'.

With one of the Actress.

The heroin. She plays two characters in this drama.
2011 Drama Team. 

P/S: Thanks Shanti for helping out with the makeup. Walaupun bukan dalam Panel BI and not in Drama Team, but she's been helping with the team for 2 years already and most of the makeup stuff pun hers juga..... Thank you, thank you.....

Emelda Shabelle


  1. hahahhaa glad dapat membantu sambil tu dpt juga aku menconteng muka org hahahaha....paling nda tahan yg mau jadi hantu handsome tu huhuhu padan muka last2 jadi pontianak kekekeke tu la demand lg

  2. ya sibuk oo pun tida terkata sdh buat last 3 days ni sy buli goyang kaki.byk keja di sikul

  3. Shan: hahahhaha padan muka jadi hantu Pontianak Harum Taikk Ayam!

  4. dyana: Iya bah, baru ni hari sia dapat goyang kaki juga. yesterday buat headcount. Gila! sekali ni hari terus update 3 entri padan muka.