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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Real Moment Of His Life: Part 3

"Otoman.... Otoman..." He still can't pronounce it properly yet, but he knows Ultraman already. I can't really remember how he get to know that cartoon character, I guess he saw it in television. Next thing I knew was, he kept on asking us to buy Ultraman toys whenever we went to Giant and most of the time, he will point at the same toys that he already have.

Not only that, whenever he saw our mobile phone, he will demand us to search for Ultraman clips on Youtube. Oh YES, he know how to go to Youtube using our phone but doesn't know how to type for U.L.T.R.A.M.A.N. At first, his daddy's phone always become his small little TV, but since his daddy's phone always run out of battery (because of frequent login to youtube), mummy have to download the clips to her phone. Believe me, he knows how to search for the clips himself. First, he'll searched for the 'gallery' icon, then he'll click to the 'tubex' folder. This is the folder where I put all the Ultraman and Upin Ipin clips. Too cleaver for his age perhaps. Even my mum got shocked when she saw this little rascal can locate all the clips easily.

So, this is 'some' of the Ultraman toys he got during our 4 days in Tawau. Meaning to say, he got his toys 4 days in a row. Luckily, it's  cheap, or else......

He really take care of his toys. He even bring them to sleep.
Even when he watch cartoon.....
The happy little boy!
Aaron and The Little Dwarf Ultraman......

P/S: Next year birthday theme will be ULTRAMAN!!! 

Emelda Shabelle


  1. mcm muka daddy dia butul o kan Bie..heheh

  2. fotocopy!!! especially yg ketawa tu!

  3. bie, i guess dis gadget nowadays friendly user to kids but not adult...hehehe...budak lgi terror dr org pun some of the application kdg2 tdk tau guna..ank buah sa lgi tau :D