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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Chicken Rice (Organic Brown Rice)

Hi Peeps,

It's been so long since my last recipe sharing. I always wanted to update my blog but tent to forget about it or, my bad for being procrastinator..

So, yesterday (yup, this is yesterday's home-cooked) while preparing my Chicken for our late lunch, I promised to myself that I will share the recipe IF it turn out to be good, after all it was my first attempt to cook this steam+deep fry chicken. 

This is my first time preparing Chicken rice using these techniques.. Worth trying coz the chicken meat was so tender and juicy...

Steam + Deep fry Chicken

So these are the ingredients I use to prepare the chicken:-
1) 2 chicken thigh (with skin) 
2) 2 spoons of Oyster sauce
3) 1 spoon of dark soy sauce
4) 2 spoons of honey
5) 1 spoon of sesame oil
* seasoning

Marinated chicken

Steamed for about 30 minutes or more

1) marinate chicken with all the ingredients for a day (keep it in the refrigerator)
2) use aluminum foil to cover the chicken (together with the sauces)
3) Steam the chicken for at least 30 minutes (depend on the size of chicken)
4) once done, put aside the chicken and keep the chicken stock (for the rice)
5) Deep fry chicken for 2-3 minute...

Deep fry for 2-3 minutes

Ingredients to prepare the Rice:-
1) 2 1/2 cup of organic brown rice 
2) Ginger
3) Garlic
4) Chicken stock
* Chicken cube
* Pandan leaves

Chicken stock 

1) peel ginger and garlic and crush or smash it with the back of knife
2) add crushed ginger, garlic, chicken stock,*chicken cube and pandan leaves into the brown rice. 
3) cook...

Organic brown rice with Chicken

Since I didn't prepare the soup and sauce, so I sauteed vegetable + eggs to complement the dishes.. Usually, chicken rice is serve with ginger+garlic+cili sauce and chicken soup.. 

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