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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bambangan pickles, anyone???

So, is it Bambangan season already? 

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  I was following newsfeed on Sandakan Kini when I saw someone selling Bambangan fruits. I never seen Bambangan in Sandakan before (seriously), so I got excited when I saw the post. The seller willing to do COD (cash on delivery) too and most importantly, it was cheap!!! 

 For RM10, I managed to get 5 pieces of big size Bambangan. At first, I planned to cook Pinasakan with the raw Bambangan but after a week of keeping it, it has turn half-ripped and not suitable for Pinasakan. 

  It's a waste of money to throw it away. So, I try to recall on how to make a Bambangan pickles. I remember helping my late grandma grating the Bambangan seeds and slowly the ingredients popped out. Yea, sometimes we tent to forget the simplest things in life huh...

Bambangan's seed. Image from Google

And... here my first ever Bambangan pickles .. and I'm keeping the recipe here for my future reference (just in case)..

Use gloves or hand cover when cutting the Bambangan's skin

1) unripe Bambangan
2) Bambangan's seed
3) Salt
* Bird's eye chilies

Half riped Bambangan cut into cubes

Grated Bambangan seed

1) Cut the Bambangan into small cubes
2) Grate the seeds
3) Mix Bambangan + grated seed + salt together
4) *Add Bird's eye chilies and keep in a container for a week. 

Close-up of Bambangan mixture

Yeah, this is my very own Bambangan pickles...

Can't wait to try my own Bambangan pickles...

Emelda Shabelle

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