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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our One Hour In Tg.Aru Beach!

Did I ever mention here that I had lost my DSLR SD Memory Card? So sad, I'd lost all of our unsaved pictures especially 'Aaron's Turn 2 Years Elmo Birthday Theme' pictures.. I know this is OT (out topic) but after losing it, I started to re-checked my Hardisk, just to reconfirm what pictures we managed to save.

So, to cut this short, I stumbled upon this family pictures taken last year, to be exact taken last year October at Tg. Aru Beach just 2 hours before we fly back to Sandakan.

This is actually the first time Aaron (a.k.a Tunsina) saw a wave. He was actually mesmerized with it. He didn't even bother the ice-cream which at first caught his attention.

Ice-cream anyone?

How come mine was empty?

Wow, what's that??? Is that the wave??

'Mama', forget bout' the ice-cream. Let's look at the wave!!!



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