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Saturday, August 27, 2011

From My Little Kitchen With Love. (Part 2)

This is what I love to do (when i'm in the mood)..
Just a simple dishes but prepared with LOVE...

Creamy Butter Prawn

1) Prawn (udang ikut suka hati kamu lah, sia beli 1kg, but bila buang kepala n kulit, ntah tinggal brapa lagi kg)

2) Butter (utk goreng tu udang, mmg wangi)

3) Evaporate milk (Mana2 susu cair lah, sia guna F&N yang kurang kolestrol kunun)

4) Curry leaves (Ini pun sia suka2 hati kasi letak brapa helai sia mau, kasi wangi2 juga ni fungsi dia ni)

5) Salt (secukup rasa lahhh)

6) Birdeye chili (2 biji cili padi yg sia rendam dlm air supaya tu biji dia terkeluar, takut terover pedas)

* To make it more creamer & cheesy, i add 1 tbsp of cream cheese.. I also marinated the prawn with a pinch of turmeric powder just to vibrant the color a little bit.. DO NOT ADD TOO MUCH OF TURMERIC otherwise you will spoil the smell of the butter!

How to?
1) Fry prawns with butter (melt butter first).
2) Put aside the prawn.
3) Using the same butter oil, fry garlic and curry leaves(depends on you weather to add it now or layer).
4) Add milk
5) Put in the toasted prawn
6) Add salt and chili..
7) 1 teaspoon of sugar (optional)

Hoisin Grill Chicken with Honey

1) Skinless & Boneless chicken fillet.
2) Hoisin Sauce
3) Preserved Bean curd (red color)
4) Dark Soy Sauce
5) Honey (or Brown sugar)
6) Salt.

How To:
1) Mix all ingredients (except chicken) together.
2) Marinate chicken with the sauce for 2 hours. (I did mine for 8 hours and keep it in freezer)
3) Grill the marinated chicken.
4) Wallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Simple Blackpaper Beef

1) Beef (Tenderloin)
2) Large Onion
3) Dark Soy sauce
4) Black paper sauce/powder...
5) Oil

How to?
1) Marinate beef with blackpaper powder & soy sauce.(2 hours)
2) Deep fry beef
3) Add in large onion until half cook.
4) Add blackpaper sauce
5) Walla....................

Chili Crab

1) Large Onion
2) Garlic
3) Ginger
4) Birdeye Chili
5) Tomato sauce
6) Chili sauce
7) 2 eggs
8) Crabs
9) Cooking oil
10) Salt

How to?
1) Cook the crab in a hot boiling water.
2) Clean the crab & separate the shell with the main part.
3)* Chop/slice the large onion, garlic, ginger n chili.
4) Fry the * ingredients until golden color.
5) Put in the tomato + Chili Sauce
6) Put in the crabs
7) Wait till the crab turn to read color (indicator of the crabs about to cook)
8) Put imn the eggs... STIR and add salt
9) Wallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Red Chicken Sauce

1. Oil (to fry the chicken)
2. Chicken
3. Chinese Barbeque Sauce
4. Preserved Beancurd (1 1/2 pcs)
5. Salt & Sugar (1 teaspoon)

How to?
1. Fry Chicken & toast it.
2. Using the same oil (just 2 tblspn), Put all the ingredients and stir well.
3. Walla...............

My style of Fish Head Curry 

1. Fish Head
2. Curry Powder
3. Large Onion
4. Tamarind
5. A glass of water.
6. Lemon grass (optional)

P/S: You can use coconut milk but since i'm not a fan of coconut milk, i use Tamarind to get that sour test.

Simple Green Beans with Garlic.

Beef with Red & Green Chili

Chicken Pumpkin

Chicken Soup with Rice Wine (Lihing)
Dark Soy Sauce Chicken

Chicken With Sweet Peas, Red & Green Capsicum

Fried Beef with Sweet Peas

Meatballs Soup (Soto)
Fried Rice With Fish & Eggplant

Salted Fish With Garlic & Onion Pickles.

Prawn Sambal with Petai

Tenggiri Fish Curry.

Fried Tenggiri with Turmeric


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