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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Last Minute Traveler [Part 2]!!!!

Worse than my last vacation in London, this time I only bought my ticket in less than 24 hours before departure!!! Not a procrastinator BUT like I'd mentioned before, things keep on changing whenever I plan the program much more earlier. The actual plan is to go to Langkawi Island to attend my friend's wedding (canceled), then we change it to Bandung trip (canceled due to safety reason). Lastly, we joined our friend, Clarice ( and some other friends to Manila. Even though this is a last minute vacation (again), but this time it is not as hectic as in London cause everything had been organised and we just have to follow the itinerary. 
What can I say about Manila or Philippine? Basically, not much differences from Malaysia especially Sabah (I think). I don't think it is a good idea to speak Malay while in Philippine since some of their words are similar and have the same meaning in our language. Not even a 'wise' idea to speak Kadazan too coz 'manuk', 'matai', and some of the 'Kadus" words have the same meanings in their language too (only the spelling are different). Food will be a problem for Muslim tourist coz most of the food served here (Philippine) are non-halal, even in some of the Hotels. Manila also housed of many historical buildings especially churches. For  a shopaholics, you can shop till you drop here especially in SM (San Miguel) Mall and Greenhills. But if you wanna try your talent in bargaining, try different places.
What really stressful being here is the traffic jam. Sometimes, it took us about 45 minutes to 1 hour just to reach our destination which is only situated 15 minutes walk (not advisable to walk by your own). We also passed by one of the 'unexpected' view in Manila, right in the middle of the city, there 's hundred of van size mushroom house with kids unashamedly nakedly taking bath and housewives washing cloths an inches away from the passing cars. Something that might touches the heart of some viewers. The economical  gap between the rich and poor are too obvious. In one part of Manila, you can see the teenagers shops in ZARA, Guess, and carrying a designers shopping bag but in the other part of Manila, there's a small skinny improper dress  kids begging in the middle of the streets. This is life isn't it? 
But one thing for sure is, I am grateful to be part of this experience which will keep me humble and always be thankful for what I have in life. 

The girl on the street.

A man preparing fire wood.....

The Horses

The mass.

The elegant chandelier in the church.

Wonderful architecture...

The man and the guitars

If Thailand famous for their Tuk-Tuk, the Pinoy proud with their Jepney..

At Tagatay...

Wanna have a look at the smallest volcano???

The 100% steel made church. You can knock the wall and listen to it sound...

It's me in Hotel Lobby!!!

Emelda Shabelle


  1. nice suka tu orang pgang gitar..heheh..and thanks for the credit~ hehehe

  2. Heheeheeheh.... tq tq... mmg dari tu ari lagi ko suka tu org tua ma gitar sampai mimpi ko pun buat tattoo gitar ka...