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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The last minute traveler!! [part 1]

Most people will plan their vacation months before flying. I did that too but always ended up canceling the program or changing it last minute. 
Last September I went to London for a holiday and it was a last minute plan too. I bought the ticket 3 days before flying and traveled one day earlier which suppose to be the next day.. Imagine, I was relaxing in a nail arts spa when suddenly I was told that all flight from KK-KL are full during the actual date of traveling. The actual plan is to KL before proceed to Heathrow the next day. So, I have to stop the lady who just about to do my manicure, pay her and straight to the Airport. After 2 hours and 45 minutes, we reach KLIA and think what is the next plan? We tried our luck and asked for standby sit to London at the same day. We got it and  after 12 hours flight, we reached Heathrow with Mixed up feelings. Happy and scared at the same time. Happy cause it was my first time travel to London but scared cause we are not on tour, no friends to contact, mobile phone totally run out of battery, no booking for accommodation and no planning at all...Crazy,isn't it!!! But we survived and the unplanned vacation turn to a fun vacation.....
What can I say about London? Beautiful buildings and many interesting places to visit. We visited Madame Tussaudes where all the waxes of famous peoples, celebrities, artists, politicians, (and the list goes on) are placed in. You can have a view of London by following the underground train, walking, renting a bicycle or trying the double decker. Since this is the first time we visited London, we bought ticket from the Big Bus Company (double decker bus) for 32 pounds for 48 hours ride around London. This is the easiest way for us to jump in and off to all the places of interest in London but it is  way more expensive than the underground train which only cost 3 pound and 60 pence a day (or 2 days, I forgot).
We went to a lot of interesting places and captured a lot of beautiful pictures (to many to share all), but the most memorable moment is to have the opportunity to went inside the Buckingham Palace (which only open 7 days in a year) and celebrating my Birthday at the Buckingham Garden (if only the Queen knows it was my Birthday....). Even though we only can afford to buy 3 pieces of cakes ( 7 pound each), but hey.. how many of us are lucky enough to eat from the same chef cooking for the Queen right, and eating in the Burckingham Palace!!! 
{Back to the main topic} Words can't describe what the eyes saw inside the Palace. Photo taking are PROHIBITED inside the castle. But it is really amazing, I am speechless looking at the wall's architecture and the paintings.. Most of it are from 14th-16th century. The paintings are as big as 12 feet doors and most of it are really huge! The paintings are all stick to the wall and doesn't even look like painting but a 3D Hi-D tv screen framed in a golden plated frames.. I just don't know how to describe what is it look like inside (you can try your luck to go inside the palace during the 'Changing of Guard'). 
Beside Buckingham Palace, we also went to the Eye of London and took a lot of Big Ben pictures, Went to Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, walked through the Hyde Park and more. The only place that we didn't visit is the London Dungeon because of the long queue. 
The only shopping place that I can afford is PRIMAX, but since it is a place where all human being from around the world shopped, it makes me think twice before buying cloths there (I can't stand of crowded place).
Food is easy to excess, but a reminder to the Muslim to check the menu first coz even in a fast food restaurant (Pizza Hut & McD), some of the meals are added bacon too. For me, having the Western food are better since the price is just the same with those from fast food restaurant too.
Thinking of how chaos our plan at first making me smile. A  2 and 45 minutes + 12 hours flight that worth the experiences.....

P/s: It is better to have a well plan vacations before traveling. But if you happen to experience the same things like we did, It is better to stay calm and everything gonna be Fun Fun Fun....  

St Paul Cathedral .. coronation of the Queen and where the late Lady Di got married with Prince Charles ..

Under the London Tower.

Buckingham Palace Garden

Eye of London

Birthday cakes by the Buckingham chef!

The London Tower a.k.a London Bridge.

Just across the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.                

Madame Tussaude House of Wax.

Repley's Believe It or Not Museum,London.

Mc D with Bacon!

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