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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Testimony Preggy Set: Part 2.

Hi peeps,

These are the supplement I consumed during my second pregnancy. The reason why I decided to use 100% Shaklee Supplement for my second pregnancy is because I want to use all natural yet safe supplement and give the best nutrien for both baby n me. Do you need to take all those supplement?  No, it's depend on your budget and concern. Is it safe to consume too many of supplement? YES, coz our body need almost 55 nutriens daily and each supplements are differ from each other. Besides, preggy mum needs more nutrients.

Back to my health history, due to my unhealthy eating few years back, my sugar level reading reach to 13.. Given medicine which in future will effect my kidney is not what I want. So when I can't control my sweet tooth during pregnancy, I decided to get fullset supplement for pregnant mom coz I have do my research and asked around from mommies who had been taking Shaklee. Not only I am shocked to get my results(was told to do twice blood check coz one of the doctor doesn't believe with the first result,Lol), but doctors (went to 2 doctors for my reviews) too..

So,my verdict on these (ESP,OMEGA GUARD, VITALEA, SUSTAINED RELEASE VITAMIN C, OSTEMATRIX, B COMPLEX) supplements are superbly wonderful. Why?
(1) For my second pregnancy, I only get leg cramp once (different from my first). Ostematrix is calcium which will help to avoid cramps for preggy mom.
(2) Friends compliment on my skin (no more oily skin and pores getting visible). Thanks to ESP.
(3) Very energetic. Due to hectic schedule, sometimes we have to fly Sdk-kk every week to help on settle few things. Did I mention to you gals that the night my water broke, I have been busy driving here and there for couple of days. Morning - night!!!
(4) Seldom get sick during pregnancy.

How bout' my baby?
(1) I just love his skin.. Clean & clear. LOL
(2) Baby have no jaundice.
(3) Baby is very strong.

Apart from those supplement, What else I took during pregnancy?  Performance drink! Good for mommies who having bad morning sickness,  gives energy and avoid dehydration.


P/s: I brought all my supplement for the Doctor to check. Doctor gives green light and he never give me meds out from his counter, saying that I already have everything I need for me n baby.

Any hesitation? Inquiry? Orders?


Emelda Shabelle

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  1. Wah... hebat kan vitamin shaklee...semua vit shaklee i sayang tau.

  2. Sangat hebat. Saya pun sayang sangat dengan vitamin Shaklee, bukan setakat vitamin, hair care set n get clean pun sangat best!!!

  3. Semua supplement shaklee membantu ibu preggy sihat dan baby juga sihat..Tahniah juga sb dpt makan semua supplenet FREE setiap bulan..Keep on sharing ya puan emelda saya suka membaca pengalaman indah anda.

  4. Thanks Master Norwina, mana-mana yang baik itu wajib kita share untuk kebaikan bersama kan.