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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Supplement? Thanks but NO THANKS!!!

"Supplement? Thanks but no thanks."

Have you every come into this situation where family or friends saying they don't need to eat any supplement or what they often refer to 'ubat' coz they don't have any illness? It's normal right? Even when I am still under my 'unaware zone', i always thought that just by eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle will keep me aware from sickness.. Yeah, I forgot about the air that we breath; free radicals, I forgot about the so called 'green' food that we ate; is it really that safe? Non chemical? 

Through readings and sharing from other expert.. Now I am aware that our body indeed need different type of nutrients DAILY. 

So, for those who doest have any illness to concern but want to start taking supplement as 'prevention', this family wellness is the best recommendation. It covers all the basic yet important nutrien needed by our daily body usage.. 

P/s: To know more on 'Family Wellness', stay tune to the next post..


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