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Monday, October 13, 2014


Mealshake icecream
Mealshake icecream recipe
Chocolate chips icecream
Hi there, 

This is my first attempt making homemade Icecream. Since it is my first, I tried to Google for the easiest recipe and most importantly, without using icecream maker.
This icecream is good for kids too especially those who are picky eater. Why? If you notice, one of the special ingredient is MEALSHAKE (refer to previous entry to know more on Mealshake)..
So, for friends who have been asking for this recipe, here you go......

Here are the ingredients..
1) half can of sweetened creamer
2) a can of evaporate milk
3) 1 nos of Gred A egg
4) SHAKLEE vanilla Mealshake
* any favorite flavor (milo, chocolate syrup, strawberry flavour or any of your choice)
Mix (mixture) all the ingredients for 15minutes till it becomes fluffy and add flavor..
Easy pitsy right... Good luck..

*All images are taken using smartphone's camera

Emelda Shabelle

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